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  1. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Hello I'm not familiar with cubase, but you should have a setup somewhere for control surface, be sure to use same protocol at both side. best Zam
  2. Newbie help midi from daw to multi LCD

    quite the same for me :)   The only way I can imagine now is to use HUI meter data (CC? PB? note and velocity??), send them to AOUT, then to some buffer/calibration amp/ tension to current converter, and in some case depending of the galvanometer characteristic you have to add a time circuit to match Vu or PPM ballistic specification. I'm not sure it worth the effort... Zam
  3. Newbie help midi from daw to multi LCD

      Hello Fred analog is analog... if you want to drive analog meter (Vu or PPM) you have to send your 2bus soundcard analog out to the meter (with at least buffer circuit) Best Zam
  4. Line Driver Module PCBs

    Hey Arno Count me in for two pair Best Zam
  5. Tks a lot for your input on this Your right, I need for sure more literature around this, especially layout. I will.   The actual layout is close to 8 "DIOmatrix" (but with only one165 and one 595) daisy chained with 20cm wire between each (2x 10cm ribbon and 4 connector :wacko: ). Maybe it's little ambitious, but for the moment it's my first option due to hardware restriction.   I have to check thing to be sure it's possible at my side, but second option is to run the long ribbon between diode/buttons and shift register in/out   Tks again, your so helpful. :sorcerer: Best Zam
  6. hey all   I'm just starting some "bus board" design for my moving fader and I just want to be sure about some details   I have some questions regarding SRIO chain, J8/9 and J1 J2 -Is it right that only RC1 is used for all Din and Dout? Why then rev5 Din/Dout fitted with J1/J2 have RC1 and RC2 linked ??? -If they are no use now for RC2, can I remove it from the line driver and use the channel for SI data? -Do I understand right the only reason Din and Dout use Y cable is because, SI is not linked betwin J1 and J2 at the Dout pcb, and SO is not linked between J1 and J2 at the Din pcb, Resulting for example, that I can just add a jumper-wire between SI J1 and SI J2 at a Dout card and link a Din at J2 in place of Y cable at J1   Due to design restriction I'm not able to respect J1/J2 spec for my bus connection, but I think i'm able to have J1 at start and J2 at end so the whole thing should be compatible in a global chain :smile:   Best   Zam
  7. hello Thorsten   tks for clarification !!!   I still have a problem to see the difference between:                            --> J1 Dinx1 J2--> J1 Dinx1 J2 --> etc... J8/9 -->Ycable                          --> J1 Doutx1  J2--> J1 Doutx1 J2 --> etc...   And:   J8/9-->J1 Dinx1 (with direct link J1SO-->J2SO) J2-->J1 Doutx1 (with direct link J1SI-->J2SI) J2--> etc...       Anyway i'm not sure you say there is some? maybe I don't ask the question in the right way, you just say this could run some data transfer qualities problems   Best   Zam
  8. Fader Automation

    Some update I just test the TKD fader Amazing! For those who can afford 5x the price of the cheap ALPS and need high-end spec, i recommend it. It's completely another league :) Best Zam
  9. You'r right... I'm unable to make data coming back and drive the AOUT... That was a short euphoria  :rofl:   I forget all this and concentrate to the next step, high end TKD fader coming tomorrow !!!   Best Zam
  10. Hey Thorsten   No pb, don't put this on your "to do" list, the future is most in eucon protocol for protools... if i'm right they already announced the end of HUI support soon (in the mean time it's a real shame !!!)   BUT YOU KNOW WHAT !!!! i think i'm close to fine a solution, for the moment THIS work:   EVENT_AINSER id= 1   hw_id=1 ain_mode=direct type=Sysex  chn= 1  range=0:16383 stream=" 0xb0 0x00 ^val_h" EVENT_AINSER id= 10 hw_id=1 ain_mode=direct type=Sysex  chn= 1  range=0:16383 stream=" 0xb0 0x20 ^val"   I'm able to move the DAW fader according to physical one :) Like HUI, two CC for position, In fact it's 14bit but DAW only retain what he need   Now I have to handle the touch (seems to be two CC too) and the AOUT which should be same faked stream as AIN   Best Zam
  11. hey Thorsten   Tks for reply   As I say Mackie control work here, I can leave with this :smile: The idea using HUI is for two reason -Protools compatible -How the solo and mute is managed   With MC the mute  (using note) is send instantly to DAW which is fine when I press a physical button to mute DAW track But I drive a relay with DOUT to achieve a real mute at audio side, unfortunately the returned mute note is delayed (scanned and sent each sec, originally just to light up a led) I can't use it for "automation", It just work for soloing and muting when working a mix, not for final mixdown. When tracking data with HUI mode it seem that solo and mute data is send as soon as something is pressed, useful "real time" bidirectional data   anyway you say it's not possible so I have to put this out of my mind and accept some limitation/restriction regarding my initial "specification sheet" :rolleyes:   Best Zam  
  12. Fader Automation

    Proto 2 here it is !!!   quick spec: -motor analogue PI driver -analogue touch detection -512 steep (9bit) without jitter (can be better with shielded cable from AOUT and to AINSER) -cross talk digital/motor to audio ... less than my console noise floor !!! -acoustic noise... did the fader move ? -response time better than 120ms for 100%travel 100mm -response time better than 80ms for 100% travel 33mm -never over shoot -two automation pass with complex audio material result in null phase test 50dB below my line level, in static condition of course (when fader reach the target) -to null audio under my console noise floor with two automation pass, I don't need to trim one more than +/- 0.01 dB !!!   I stop talking, this is better than words   Best   Zam
  13. Fader Automation

    Master Thorsten !!! tks :) I confirm the bug correction, 1.033 pre6 work fine here Now I need to lower the jitter :) Best Zam
  14. Fader Automation

    Yes it will be great For info my configuration is STM32F4, AINSER64 and AOUT_NG Best Zam
  15. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

      If your goal is to use motor just for "recall" purpose it's fine. Motor and H bridge make noise when swiching and rotating In another other hand, building a system like this (assuming less than 5 pot pedal FX) just for recall/snapshoot purpose is quite huge, an hand writing recall sheet take 10 sec... Interest come with the automation.   Another idea is to have double track pot (audio + servo) without motor, but with a snapshoot system /preset recall with comparator from stored and actual value with just one led per pot that light up when both value are matched, you just manually move the pot until the stored value match. This implies a smaller system without all that stuff for motor, other pple will confirm but I think it's fine to do this with midibox Zam
  16. Fader Automation

    Nobody for my AIN resolution problem ? I have a look around here but find nothing   another "disappointment" I have since yesterday, It has nothing to do with MB_NG but it's about the MCU protocol, I discover that all the led for solo, mute, etc are updated in a 1/2 sec range, not when you press a button... Consequence is that I can't use any of this data to drive a relay driving an analog mute system. By now my working solution is to use another midi port (not the same as MCU) and automate my mute in a midi track with midi note. The less ... it's not user friendly like having the mute directly in the DAW channel, the same as fader and audio file The more ... as it is separate midi track, I can insert midi FX like time triming, or arpeggio like a pattern sequencer for mute automation   Zam
  17. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

      hello I find (in my particular situation) that motor EMI is a problem, especially when running PWM and H-bridge system close to hi gain analog audio, even with fully separate supply rail and ground, layout is important, also mechanical integration and room between both elecronic. The "problem" is that there is one place you can do noting, it's the pot or fader himself, where audio track, servo track and motor share one mechanical system you can't change After 6 month building a protoype, I can tell the ALPS fader don't do the job in this situation. I think it's mostly due to the motor position. Rotary motor pot is different, I can't say, you have to try. In other hand, an automated fuzz pedal with motor brush noise in an unique FX :smile: Zam
  18. Fader Automation

      I use pitchbend of course the AINSER respond to the bit resolution up to 8 bit but not more if I set resolution=4 i got 16 PB value in the 16384 range, steeped by 1024, this is OK If I set resolution =8, the step is 64 which mean 256 value in the16k PB range, this is OK But if i set resolution= 9, 10, 11 or 12 the step 64 is the same as before with 256 value (8bit) !!! this is NOT ok Any idea ? Best Zam
  19. Fader Automation

    Teaser !!!
  20. Fader Automation

    I'm close !!! Until now it's a success! hard work but a success :rolleyes: I'm on the soft side right now and there is something in don't understand about AINSER64 I check different bit resolution, but when monitoring the value I can't go better than 8bits ??? if I go less the value folow the bit resolution !!! I would like to go up to 10 bit (1024 fader position), which is the MCU resolution. Any ideas ? Zam
  21. MIDIbox NG Release + Feedback

    Ok! tks for the clarification. Hop we can have this one day :) Best JS
  22. MIDIbox NG Release + Feedback

    Ok i understand that. Is 10 bit possible like the MF_NG with pic18 ? But maybe I'm wrong? Is what you call "map" here the same as what we call "table" in mbhp_mf_ng_v1_005 ? I request this same function but for mios32 and AIN-AOUT Best Zam
  23. MIDIbox NG Release + Feedback

    It will be great !!! Same principle as the one you made for MF_NG Do you think it's possible to go up to 14bit map ? I hope to use this kind of feature in my analog PI motor driver proto using AIN and AOUT But in a more global view I think it will be a big step for lot of application, from exotic syth to modern analog desk with VCA automation. Best Zam
  24. Fader Automation

    I'm in standby again on this, lot of work at the studio. I'm also waiting to have a decent basket to order some component, I blow so many transistor in the proto :rolleyes: Hope I can check everything left soon, and make the first 8ch batch (before summer...) then I plane around 6 month of daily use to be sure the system is strong enough.