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Status Updates posted by TK.

    1. jojjelito


      Awesome video! Make big data work for you by hacking it.

  1. After more than 10 years, http://www.uCApps.de got a new shiny frontpage - it's especially more touchpanel friendly, so that the layout should work for the next 10 years ;-)

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    2. Lamouette


      loved the last and like that one ! Well done !

    3. TheAncientOne


      Nice. Here's to the next 10 years.

    4. tupinamba


      Yeah that's nice! Well done.

  2. Unrelated... or on topic: is the whole crowd synchronized to a wireless MIDI clock?

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    2. Hawkeye


      synced by audio carrier wave :)

    3. technobreath


      That was freaky yes - and REALLY cool!

    4. technobreath


      Oh dude! Two of my friends are in that concert - they married this saturday, and coldplay in munchen was supposed to be part of the honeymoon :)

  3. @vimeo with much better audio quality: http://www.vimeo.com/28838483

    1. moonk


      more i watch this the more i want it!! <3 the chops

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    2. moonk


      very nice. i love long demos :)

    3. Antix


      Is it my sensation or have easier real time recording features?

    4. TK.


      yes, recording has been improved a lot, and most features will also be available in the upcoming v4.048 :)

  4. created a new Demo Video :)

  5. Continued with MBSEQ V4 firmware development

  6. got a prototype for the new MBSEQ aluminum desktop case

  7. Should get his nice looking MBSEQ V4 metal desktop case prototype in ca. 3 weeks - feel prepared for a bulk order! :-)

  8. is wondering if Australia has any chance against the german soccer team ;-)

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