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  1. Sasha

    I`m back

    Thank you all!
  2. This is very cool feature. I LOVE it! It's about time to build a sequencer.
  3. Sasha

    I`m back

    Thanks mate! ;)
  4. Sasha

    I`m back

    I`m back after long time out of MB community and doing electronics in general. I have quite a few unfinished projects that needs some attention. In most cases it is just building housings and final touches, but still a lot of work. I feel bit rusty now, but I`ll catch what I`ve missed. See you around! ;)
  5. Sorry for not dropping by for some time, I`m having some private issues. If I manage, I`ll make a prototype in near future.
  6. Maybe would be good idea to put some list who is interested.
  7. PCBs are ready for prototyping for quite some time, but I put my money savings and efforts onto 303 style sequencer(stripped x0xb0x)as it seams to have more perspective. Not sure is there enough people interested into drum sequencer to pay itself. But some small prototype series could be done.
  8. And, here some more videos from the development phase.
  9. Sounds good. :)I wasn`t aware of 303 edit feature. Gotta check it out.
  10. Yes, CS will be on another board/chip connecting with BassBoy and SQ303 a sequencer from x0xb0x. I`m afraid project is not open source, but I hope he will realized the benefits of OS projects, and will change his mind. I`m working on it. ;)
  11. And, here are some better sounding samples... Sequence 01 - by TG ViRUS.mp3 Sequence 02 - DJ Abadroza.mp3 MIDI files.zip
  12. Not sure about glitching possibilities ... it is classical MIDI bassline synth. Control surface is in developing phase. Actually, I already have a working prototype. It is well known x0xb0x sequencer that I did for myself, and now we are planing to join the forces and create a CS for BassBoy so result will be something like digital x0xb0x based on parts that are easily available. I must say that Aleksandar is planing drum module as well based on same SSP (small synth platform) as he calls it. Yes, shipping price is high, but you know all problems I had when organizing x0xb0xes from Serbia. Ordering multiple BB is best way to save on the shipping significantly.
  13. I`d like to inform you about cool little project of my friend Aleksandar Krstic. It is inexpensive bassline synthesizer based on ATXMega32D4. Me and kokipsiho had a chance to get one of the prototypes. Bassboy is now available for ordering trough Mikroelektronika: http://www.mikroe.com/eng/products/view/658/bassboy/ Here is the picture of the my bassboy from the prototype series. Now it is changed a little bit. Aleksandar made a quick demo video...
  14. I built a Shuthi-1 with modified DIY CEM PCB. It will look bit different at the end as I couldn`t find nice pots, and I don`t like those wobbling Alps that are sold by Farnell. So I`m going with panel mount pots. I like the synth. It sounds pretty good for what it is. It is definitively inspired by Sammich which is good thing, but it is much smaller than Sammich. I`ll probably make them both look like they are from the same "series". Cool project. My recommendations!
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