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  1. Midibox MB6582 Newhaven OLED finally working :D

    @iZZE, Dude, you rock. I am so glad you figured out the issue. Got my Oled up and running.
  2. MB-6582 fan: blowing or sucking?

    Haha, oh man you got a Noctua. That is some legit PC master race gear right there. Honestly though, those are really good fans. I didn't realize they made them that small.
  3. MB-6582 fan: blowing or sucking?

    If you decide to go with the fan and you hear buzzing in your audio you may need to build an LC filter. Link to post regarding fan noise on power rail
  4. Newbie question about SID V2

    You could look for an unpopulated sammichSID PCB set.
  5. Seq V4 case....I think I've become...

    Smart. I could do that with my scroll saw and a dremel.
  6. Seq V4 case....I think I've become...

    Thanks for the suggestions Peter. I have been eyeing knobs like that. Also looking on ebay for a set of vintage style knobs. I have some regular CLCDs in the mail right now. And am in the group buy for some OLEDs, I love OLEDs. But VFD would look pretty sweet. Only VFD I have is a 2x20. I'll figure out a use for it eventually. Also on a side note just want to let you know I love your Youtube channel. I blast your tunes all the time.
  7. Seq V4 case....I think I've become...

    The bamboo is like 20 bucks for the P3 size. All shipped, with their $20 off coupon it was $38 shipped. And yeahI have been scouring the internet for some cool. Knobs. I think for the time being I'll use the ones that came with the Kit and once I find the perfect knobs I'll switch the out.
  8. Seq V4 case....I think I've become...

    Thanks! It actually only comes in in 2.5mm unfortunately. I was a bit scared it would be too thin. I am still a bit worried about the possibility of breaking it if I were to lean too hard on it. I think Acrylic is a bit more rigid, but over all bamboo is very strong, so once I get everything put together we will see how it goes.
  9. Seq V4 case....I think I've become...

    Less than $40 shipped. Ha, now I just need leather knobs and buttons and a gear for the main control knob.
  10. Steampunk. Order from Ponoko. Bamboo Case.    
  11. Groupbuy USA 40x2 Oleds and duoled tact switchs

    I'd be interested is two 40x2 displays in green if this buy is still open.
  12. Wondering if anyone else has had the same issue I am having right now, or if any one knows how to solve this issue? I was playing around with my MB-6582, and of course I have to mess with every option available. I came across the DOR (Disable Oscillator Reset) option and decided to give it a try to see if there was a noticeable difference when switching patches, which I didn't so I turned it back off. I didn't immediately notice any changes or problems. I turned off my synth and when I turned it back on I noticed that I could first off not hear the Mios startup jingle. After that I was not hearing any sound from my initial patch (Pulse wave on Oscillator 1 for L&R). I checked my DAW and saw that there was audio signal going to the channel, the patch was just playing at a very low volume. I tried to adjust the volume from the CTRL panel and this did not change the volume any louder. At this point I started troubleshooting my cables, my audio interface, my monitors and concluded that the issue was with the MB-6582. I tried different patches and when I got to the ones that throw out a relatively high signal I had full volume of those presets. So I decided to test any idea. I switched back to the initial patch and started messing with the oscillators. It wasn't until I used the Detune function past 4 that the regular volume of the patch returned. I tried this on other patches that were have the same issue and it was consistent. Every time a switched to a new preset I had to for most of them use the Detune to bring back the expected volume. I turned the DOR back on and found a loud preset and then as I switched presets they all had their volume back. Is there a reason why activating the DOR and then turning back off would cause this issue? Additional troubleshooting I performed was restarting the MB6582 multiple times,reinstalling MIOS and MBSID, even tried deleteing ensembles in case I accidentally save something in there.  Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Any more sammichFMs? [YES, see page 2]

    Put me down for one Please and thank you.
  14. FS: SID chips MOS 8580

  15. Building the Midibox SID v2

    You're going to need two midi cables, one for in and one for out so that you can upload the SID v2 program to the PIC via MIOS Studio. I have not seen a sequencer for the lead engine in the software yet only the bass and drum engines. Then again I just finished my synth a month ago and haven't had much time to play with it so I could be missing it. I would recommend a midi keyboard, but if not use a program that puts out midi data so that you can throw sequences at the synth. If you're looking for a free program to use get Reaper. It has a trial period, but you can still use it past the trial period. IT is a very power DAW considering how cheap it is for a license. Also what is your plan for your power supply and case?