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  1. FS: SID chips MOS 8580

    Hello,   It's time to let go of the SID chips I was saving for MB-6582, I have finally accepted that I will never have time to complete the project, so I would rather see these (now) rare chips making music in someone else's box, rather than sitting in my bin forever....   I have four with matching date codes that I purchased on this forum in 2011. I also have one that I pulled from a c64.   I would like to sell the 4 matching chips for $30.00 each. If someone wants to purchase all of them, I've got some Midibox goodies (unpopulated DOUT module, 8 bit core, and some bourns encoders) that I will throw in as a reward for making my life easier. Thanks!   PM me if interested.    UPDATE: I also have some unpopulated SID2SID pcb's (allows you to install 2 SID chips in a c64 for stereo or 6 voice polyphony with MSSIAH/Prophet64) that i will not be using. So I'll include these with the goodies. 
  2. Request to sell Stereo MBSID

    Hello T.K. I have not used my Stereo MB-SID for a while and I could really use the money to help buy equipment for my video production company. It has two 6581r4, PCB's from smash and a custom built full control surface/enclosure built by me. I calculate that I probably have at least $250.00 in parts, the Control Surface and Enclosure alone cost me around $150.00 to produce (not including the mistakes and revisions I went though until I was satisfied) I plan on asking $250-300 for the unit. I really appreciate all that I have learned through this project and I am posting the eagle files for the control surface in case anyone else can use or learn from them. May I please have permission to sell my MB-SID v2? Thanks ~SID 4x20.rar
  3. Endless Potentiometer like in the Akai Apc40

    apc uses encoders, no such thing as an endless potentiometer. You can set the MB64 to use encoders in fast mode which will create the behavior you're looking for
  4. Midibox LC strap down

    I think the MIDIIO128 application would the the best midibox project for what you're trying to do. It's very easy to drive relays with this app and map them to midi notes. V3 runs on the new midibox corelpc17 which has built in midi-usb so it will plug directly into your computer.

    I see the newest version uses the midibox 64e firmware! I think this is a good choice so you can spend your time developing hardware instead of software!
  6. Panel mount parts?

    1. What is the recommended value for Panel mount Pot's Rotary and Slider? For Pic based core it is 10k For STM or LPC based core it is 1k (better performance with the limited 3.3v) 2. What type of push buttons would be recommended for just On off functions? Possibly a mouser part# because i am having no luck with that You want momentary buttons (normally open) most people use tactile switches which produce a tiny "click" when depressed. If you want the button to function as a toggle (push once for on, push again for off) you can set this up on the software side. 3. If the recommended value for the panel mount pot's is indeed 10k linear. Could i possibly get an explanation for this or a point in the direction of where i might have missed this. Thanks in advance for any help. :frantics:
  7. My forum status says newbie because I don't have many posts, but I'm pretty knowledgeable about MBSID I designed and built one with full control surface so sammich is simple... PM me with the youtube link and description of your problem and I'll see what I can do to help.
  8. MBCV Gates - 5V to 12V here's a circuit

    I have built some aout lc and I'm going to use my mbsid with my modular. My modular runs on +-15v is it necessary to use buffers when I trigger my modular adsr generator or if I'm sending pulses to clock my sample and hold module?
  9. STM32 and CV OUT (AOUT_NG)

    Hey TK, I am building a breakout for the gates on my MBSID and MBSEQ, i would like to include the buffers like you have done. Where can i find schematics for this?
  10. MBSEQV4L Frontpanel PCB Bulk Order

    LPC17 to be exact.
  11. Which comes first? Panels or boards?

    Yeah, I changed the frontpanel layout on my MBSID a few times and it only cost me about $30.00 each time to have ponoko cut it. Now that I've finally settled on a design and used it comfortably for a month, I am ready to have it machined out of aluminum. The easiest way is to export a .svg from FPE and import it into illustrator or inkscape to change the line weights for ponoko.
  12. Which comes first? Panels or boards?

    MOODOG, I have tried making panels first and then making the PCB later and that never works, the easiest way for me is to do my Control Surface in Eagle and then export an image from Eagle and bring it into adobe illustrator which is where I layout my front panel, I use the image that i exported from eagle as a background for my illustrator layout so i just draw my cutlines for the front panel right over top of the component outlines from the eagle image. Why don't you prototype your frontpanel with laser-cut acrylic from ponoko? It will cost very little, and if you're happy with the result, then you can be confident when you drop $250 on the nice metal panel from FPE.
  13. LPC17 specifications

    16 shift redisters for din and dout =128 inputs and outputs 64 analog inputs via ain
  14. [SOLVED] No Response From AIN

    Your cable from core to AIN looks very unstable. You should remake that cable and clamp it down this time so we can rule that out as the culprit.
  15. additional inputs on J5 (64e)

    Thanks for the idea, but this is not the same. Let me explain: In some applications (like MBSID) J5 can be used for 8 additional digital inputs. The thread you are referring to describes a workaround to use switches with analog inputs and configure the synth or software you are controlling to read any value above 64 as a button on/off press. The problem is that not all synths or software have this option, so it will not work in every case. So, pehaps someone else knows the answer to this question about additional inputs on J5?