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  1. 4 hours ago, Blatboy said:

    This looks amazing.

    Thanks, man! :cheers:

    Working on the corresponding video build tutorial now, which will cover everything (including set-up and calibration).

    These modules should also work fine with your SEQ v4, if you have a line driver (transmitter) board with a DB25 output connector installed.

    Have fun and many greets!

  2. Hi Bruno,


    It was a design choice - we have multiple m2 inner "sandwich" screws which could have been used, but then there would have been holes in the precious frontpanel :). In general, it is stable enough, only minimal "bulge" at the middle. The inner PCB sandwich is fixed to the bottom acrylic plate with 7 m2 screws, so it stays in place firmly, no wobble when pushing in "tight" midi cables for example - the vertical walls next to the screws are necessary to avoid "overtightening" and bulge of the middle part, correct - but in general, as the unit is very small (only about 20cm horizontally from screw hole to screwhole) methinks it is sufficiently stable, as long as the inner sandwich is constructed to specs (max 32mm inner height).

    Many greets,

  3. Thanks! :-)
    Yes, pedals (not yet supported in the current software) should be quite easily mappable to different functions like "arm" or "run/stop".
    The tilted orientation of the unit is of course optional, you can just remove the spacer and it sits flat on the table! But the rubber feet (Reichelt GF 2) will really hold it in place on various synths or if the stage is shaking :)

    Many greets! Peter