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  1. Hi, i'm searching for a good source for pots replacement of MB808, i'm seeing that's are really hard to find. Any help or unknown source is welcome.   G.
  2. Hi *,   a few years ago, I got my hands on replacement parts of a Yamaha digital console. Fader boards with 24 faders in total. Now I have the following issues:   1. How can I determine, which part number the faders have? (although ALPS only provides RSA0K11... types on their webpage)   2. It has a resistence of 14kOhms. Used with the MF_NG I have about 2cm at the top, which don't produce any values. I tried to solder 35kOhms in parallel to acheive 10kOhm... but guess, it did not work.   Until now I did not try the motor, only the fader resistance...   Here is a picture of one.   Is there any way, I can calibrate the MF_NG for this type of fader? Or does anyone know some other trick?   Best regards, Ck
  3. Hi Im Selling 100 pice ALPS Motorfaders RSAON11M9AOK - Link to the Datasheet  Price is 15 Euro p. pice & Shipping. I will check the shipping cost if you send me a PM with Quantity and Address. -for more than 30 Pice = 13 Euro p. Pice & Shipping. It looks like this:   Best Regards  Novski
  4. [ S O L D ]   Hi there! In 2007 I did a bulk-order for ALPS Motorfaders and bought some circuit boards and other parts to build two MidiBox LC (6 Ch and 20Ch). For more than 5 years I didn't get to build those Boxes, now I have a lot of spare parts lying around that I'd like to get rid of. I'm keeping some parts, just in case and sell those other parts:   PUSH-Encoder ALPS EC11E15244BY - à 0,90 €     Motorfader ALPS RSAON (10k) - à 15,- € Each incl: 1x plastic cap AND 1x silver touch cap!     MBHP_MF (R2) Modules - à 5,- € Core (R4D)Modules - à 5,- € DINx4 (R5) Modules - à 5,- € DOUTx4 (R5) Modules - à 5,- € AINx4 (R4) Modules - à 5,- €     GM5 MIDI Interfaces with GM5 Chip - à 5,- € MidiBox CV KIT incl. ICs - 30,- € Each kit incl: 1x PIC 18F452-I/P and 2x MAX 525 BCPP If you're interrested, drop me an email at Payments via bank transfer or paypal ( +1,9% +0,35 € ). Shipping will be from germany.   I'd be happy to help you out!     Best regards, Paul