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Is this legal???


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Ughhh, i dunno man, isnt that going a tad too far?  :-\

Just wasnt expecting to see a dead body on the post when i opened it.  :-\

I can understand the anger though.

How's the dead human any different to the dead pigeon?

Heck, if anything, the pigeon is worse; it didn't do anything wrong, it just was being a pigeon. Meanwhile our lust for consumption has caused it to be killed, by a device used to save us a few precious minutes of time, at the expense of the pigeons and every other living thing on the planet we rape to build and fuel the device.

And dender is celebrating it as a good thing because the pigeon's natural life doesn't work well with his agenda. OK sure there are too many of them in our cities - but who's fault is that?

Yeh, you're right, I'm angry! I've removed both of the corpse pics (sorry for editing your post dender but it's inappropriate)... I guess I should have just removed the bird gore in the first place, but, I guess I wanted to hammer home the point, to people who have a problem with the birds: The pigeons were here first; YOU are the problem.

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