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OPL3 (MB-FM) Chipset Bulk Order #3 *CLOSED*


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OPL3 (MB-FM) Chipset Bulk Order #3 is CLOSED.


If you want some OPL3 chipsets, order now, while stocks last.

100 sets are being ordered now. Approximate price is US$10 (AU$12.50) for one set (1x YMF262, 2x YAC512). For any quantity, postage will be US$2 (AU$2.50) worldwide.


Running the MB-6582 PCB bulk order and selling SIDs has now made me intolerant of people who can't follow simple instructions, reply to their emails within a few days, or don't sent PayPal payments. So there are now three simple rules:

1. If you don't have the cash, don't waste my time with an order. An order means "I can pay now", not "I can pay when I get paid next month".

2. After emailing an order, you are expected to check your emails daily and make a PayPal payment as soon as you receive a payment request.

3. Email your order exactly as described so I can easily copy and paste the details into a spreadsheet. That means, no labels, no blank lines, no address all on one line, capital first letters, forgetting what country you live in, etc.

Email your order to: Jason.S.Williams@gmail.com

with email subject: OPL3 Chipset Bulk Order #3

The contents of the email should be (without labels!):

your MIDIbox username

your real name

your postal address

your COUNTRY (in capitals)

your contact email address (same one you are using to email me)

your PayPal email Address (the one you use for PayPal)

your desired quantity of OPL3 "chipsets" (1x YMF262 + 2x YAC512)



Johannes Schmitt

Oberammergaueralpenkräuterdelikatessenfrühstückskäse Str. 29

10997 Berlin


Johannes.Schmitt @gmx.de

Johannes.Schmitt @gmx.de


there is absolutely no

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oneonelevenilsisghey

I have actually tested one set in an MB-FM (see photo above), so they should work, they are the real-deal new-old-stock original Yamaha ICs.

However, I can only assume they are all good and will work fine, I cannot test them before shipping and can't guarantee that they will work. They are more likely to work than ones you salvage from a sound card. If you bought a sound card on eBay "as-is" and desoldered the chips and they didn't work, you couldn't complain and try to get a refund from the eBay seller. Similarly, these chips are sold "as-is" in good faith that they work, without any guarantee or ability to refund or replace if they do not. If you do not like these terms then please do not order.

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I'm buying 100 sets today.

79 are allocated to received orders.

21 are spare (including people who were on the list and didn't order).

I will send PayPal invoices soon.

I appreciate fast payment, but I am willing to hold an order until someone's able to pay, just tell me when you make an order.

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