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Sids on ebay now


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Date code of 0511?

Obviously those chips are going to be produced in February 2011, so you might have to wait for them a little bit ;)

Unless there's some secret marking theme I don't know anything about, those are remarked - which isn't really an issue. But if they're remarked, the seller sure as fuck doesn't know whether or not they're "from the chinease batch of plastic/remarked/homemade chips that appeared last year" or if they're really not pulls.

Obviously this doesn't mean they're fake or non-working but it would mean there's something a tiny bit odd going on. Which seems to be kinda normal when it comes to SIDs.

Just my 0.02 EUR.

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I asked the seller about it and this is his reply:

"It is the batch code and not a datecode (after all it cant be made in week 5 2011!) They are not remarked as they have come out of a sealed MOS box of 244 sid chips. I have listed the first batch of 50 to see how they sell."


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I asked the seller about it and this is his reply:

"It is the batch code and not a datecode (after all it cant be made in week 5 2011!) They are not remarked as they have come out of a sealed MOS box of 244 sid chips. I have listed the first batch of 50 to see how they sell."


I've never heard of SID's with batch numbers on the top, instead of a date code. That doesn't mean they don't exist. But, it does bring some concern. I sent a question to the seller inquiring on a photo of the underside of these chips to see the markings.

I suppose the only real way to know if they are "real" is to buy one and test it out. If it turns out to be a dud, there's always the

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Or the seller could be asked to test one?

As I said earlier he is a long time dealer in all things C64 and it would be a shame for more iffy SIDs to enter the market place, not good for anyone in the long run really.

Yeah, I would hate to see a legit dealer in vintage electronics get burned by scrupulous suppliers. I sent a note via eBay asking if the seller would post a photo of the markings from the underside of the chips. The response was "we will end the listing and relist with the picture."

This will be a good find for the newer MB-6582 builders and the sammichSID builders if they are NOS 6581's. My son is getting interested in MIDIbox, so I'm considering purchasing a few of these.

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FACT: This seller DID sell new old stock 6582A SIDs in the past, with the same datecode as the stock I sell.

HYPOTHESIS: He probably got them from the same broker I got mine. The broker did tell me they supplied some 6582A stock to the UK, which coincides with when this seller was selling 6582A SIDs.

FACT: I have NEVER seen an example of datecodes on GENUINE not-remarked SIDs being inaccurate. On remarked SIDs, they are wildly inaccurate because someone has no idea what number should be there, so they either copy a genuine SID, or make it up. Sometimes they even get the part number wrong.


HYPOTHESIS: SIDs marked with a datecode of "0511" are MOST LIKELY remarked, despite looking genuine and purchased in "tubes". Of course these remarked SID suppliers are going to ship the SIDs in tubes, and they will look very much like genuine not-remarked SIDs, the pins will be straight and made shiny, the labels reprinted. It's not totally impossible that some 6581 SIDs with "0511" datecodes were produced, but why only 50 or so?

FACT: People have been buying up all the "new old stock" of SIDs, both 6581 and 8580, for over ten years. It is highly unlikely that another couple hundred SIDs have been found somewhere and only recently been put on the broker market.

HYPOTHESIS: Any large quantities of "new old stock" SIDs are most likely remarked pulls.

I AM NOT suggesting this particular eBay seller is dishonest... these SIDs were probably sold to him by some shonky Chinese broker as "genuine new stock" and they probably look better than the remarked crap I've seen so it's not immediately obvious that they're remarked. I got suckered into buying some remarked stock before, as you can see from the photo. I also didn't believe they were remarking 8580 or 6582A but I was wrong. I took a loss on that deal, and managed to recover some of the money through my usual broker physically bringing the crap chips back to the vendor and getting a cash refund, not including the courier costs for the shipment. These brokers who sell remarked chips are total assholes. They KNOW they are selling remarked chips, and then stall on refunds, start a new company, and also typically only deal with companies outside China, so they can get away with this shit without any consequences.

Preserving the pics from the auction, for future reference!



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I have. They look good. I don't have my box built and I don't have my power supply yet.

They took a little while to get here but they look fine. I got 6581s and 8580s. The 8580s have a little hat stamped on the bottom??? I'm expecting a 64c and some power supplies and I have plenty of C64s so pretty soon I'll be able to test both sets(if the 64c works and has a socket. If not I'll probably pop the chip then install a socket). That'll put me @ 16 chips and I'm DYING to know if they work. I'll let you know. He has lots of good reviews and says he'll guarantee them so...?

But They did come from HongKong. It says Australia, but they ship from HongKong. That's a little shady but so long as the chips work (or he replaces them if they don't)...

Your call. I'll let you know my results as soon as my PSUs arrive.

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Hi Smithy

Yay! The first video with midibox source code in it?

Ah, maybe. The MIDIBox platform has been proven a real great research tool for me. As I say in the video,

for what I needed (remotely writing to Chip registers using a PC), I could have used lots of solutions,

but I was already familiar with MIDIBox. (the whole crew is credited in the manual of my plugin btw).

I doubt anyone would be interrested in my custom code, but if there is demand, yeah i could clean it

and share it.

Right now I'm kind of on a crusade so that people dont get bad SIDs.

Just one of my many pet obsessions I guess :)

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Bought a previous lot sold by this guy


The image doesnt match what you get (not the exact same chips), but the previous lot

passed my test suite.


Another set was sold to another buyer and it got this as feedback:

2/4 chips w/bad filters, ok hard to spot but shouldn't have described as tested

I have another lot coming my way, so will update when I test them.

[EDIT]: got my second set of 4 SIDs and they all passed.

Hmmm maybe her kept the best for me since im vocal, know knows....

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