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Drumset UI Quirk.


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I don't know if this is a bug or a quirk or what exactly but it confuses me quite a lot. When editing drumsets the dial will scroll through the different drumsets rather than scrolling the page to the right. I THINK this is this the only page where the interface behaves like this. It is kind of a pain because if you scroll from for example set A 1 to set a 2 before saving you lose all the changes you have made. So several times I have been editing the CYM settings, pressed escape to go up a level and automatically used the dial to scroll to BD, accidentally changed drumkits and lost my edits.

Would it be possible to have the dial control scrolling in drumsets (which is consistent with the rest of the interface) and have the UP and DOWN buttons select the drumsets?

Thanks! Also sorry if it seems like I am hijacking the FM forum, I just finally settled down to get to grips with it!

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