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Poll: RAM consumption of your .NGC configurations


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In order to get a feeling about the typical "Event Pool" RAM consumption, I'm asking you to post the amount which is consumed by your configuration files in this thread.


Your feedback is important for the decision of future features!


The RAM consumption can be determined in the MIOS terminal with the "system" command.

The last two lines will print something like:

Event Pool Number of Items: 70
Event Pool Allocation: 4593 of 24576 bytes (18%)



These are the values I would like to know!


Best Regards, Thorsten.

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Hi TK,

I'm currently using 16 encoders beside 2x40x2LCD plus 8 bank button/leds and 7 other buttons.


[85522.128] Event Pool Number of Items: 143
[85522.128] Event Pool Allocation: 8235 of 24576 bytes (33%)
What I'm actually aiming for is 4 banks of 64 encoder led rings +some buttons and LEDs.
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here are my two controllers:


>> Mini Controller (1x LCD, 1x Encoder, 8x analog Pots@AinSer, 3x Switches)

Event Pool Number of Items: 12

Event Pool Allocation: 723 of 24576 bytes (2%)


>> Tascam Remote (1x LCD, 1x Encoder, 66x small buttons via matrix, 9x big buttons via direct DIN)


Event Pool Number of Items: 92

Event Pool Allocation: 6284 of 24576 bytes (25%)

but this is not finished yet, still 137 LEDs via MAX7221 and 3x 7-Seg LED to do.

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MB_NG V1.027


Event Pool Number of Items: 201

Event Pool Allocation: 7329 of 24576 bytes (29%)


Every label is stored in the *.NGL file. Only a few are defined in the *.NGC (direct ´LCD "" ´ messages plus some sysex messages).


That´s without any banks for now. I´m planing on using at least one other bank and probably lots of conditional events in the future.

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  • 120 Buttons
  • 13 Encoder
  • 20 Potentiometer
  • 7 Fader
  • 40 RGB Leds
  • 22 Duo Leds
  • 22 Single Leds
  • 16  8-Segment Led Bars
  • 8  10-Segment Led Bars
Number of Items: 457
Event Pool Allocation: 16299 of 24576 bytes (66%)

And its still growing...

Will there be a STM32F4 version of MidiboxNG in the near future?

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Not sure if this old thread is relevant anymore, but since it's pinned, I'll mention it here: I have three setups which take 41%, 44% and 95% of the available memory (64k) and contain 472, 569 and 1037 events respectively (as reported by MIOS Studio). I had to comment out some events in the last setup to make it fit (1066 events was a couple too much!). However, I don't require any changes, I didn't have to let go of anything important.

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