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Full 16x16+X BLM with silicone buttons, matching case. Interested?

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Maybe it's weird lighting, but this BLM has three colours: blue, green and cyan (and off). The way I've wired the LEDs would correspond to TK's green, red and yellow. You could also choose to swap the green with red, then you get pink as the third colour.

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Case pictures:                     Update:   Communication to miniCore working well I still have a few issues with MIDI IO 3, but it works fine through MIDI IO 1   Case looks f

The preferred way is with the BLM port on a quad IIC module. This combines MIDI in, MIDI out and power connections on a DIN8 socket. There's a matching DIN8 on the BLM case; I've wired up a DIL10 head

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It looks awesome! And sorry for not jumping on the list. I'd really like one, but still have no studio space! :-)


The colors appear different probably due to cam shutter effects in conjunction with pulsed/matrix driven LEDs. The middle section (darker) may have been in a different duty cycle than the others :-) I have the same problem when filming the Programma and a few synths ;-). If taking still photos, it helps to use a long exposure time (a second or two) and to use a small aperture/low iso setting.


Many greets!


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Interesting, it looks like Mouser will soon stock the button pads. If so, that's a great way to get almost everything in one order. I'm a bit busy but I'll try to get PMs out in the next few days to confirm addresses, payment details etc.

Mouser part:


Currently out of stock but I've requested a delivery quote.

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Okay, case revs are final then. :)


I've made several improvements which will bump the price up slightly, these include 6 extra studs and 4 threaded holes to secure the front panel, the latter M2 grub screws are optional. Everything is nicely symmetrical and even functions as a visual guide. Also my idea of mounting the rubber feet through the bottom nuts didn't work because the actual screw threads are too short to get past 3.2 mm aluminium and into the integral nut. So there are 4 more there and these are the reasons for extra cost.


I think you'll be very happy with the cases though, they're sturdy and stylish.

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Another point: Mouser have gotten back to me about the button pads. While they are listed as "non-stocked", apparently the delivery time is 1-2 weeks. The pricing is fair, but there will only be about $10 difference in a larger bulk order, so it's easier for everyone to just get theirs directly. This is a great way to get almost everything in one order, especially for Europeans who will even get free shipping.

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You've got to love buying from Mouser, the last order I placed with them about a month ago had over 1000 components on it. I ordered on a Tuesday evening and it was delivered from the U.S. to the UK by Friday morning with free shipping and no import taxes!

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About the Mouser ordering: people keep forgetting that there will be a brokerage fee, e.g. from UPS or whoever handles the transportation. This fee includes the VAT plus the money they want for paying the VAT upfront for you. The bill usually arrives a few weeks later. So, take that into account as well you Europeans!

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I have never had any extra brokerage fee's from Mouser when ordering, it has all been built into the final price at the checkout.


The basket price is ex VAT, so there is an extra 20% (in the UK) to factor in but that's fine as long as you know about it.

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UPS slaps on a brokerage fee and VAT later for Mouser orders. using FedEx lets you pay VAT straight away on the Mouser order, and there is nothing extra to deal with. At least, it's been that way for me lately.

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New additions:

  • More mounting holes
  • Holes centred
  • Fixed traces
  • LPF for PSU (to test)
  • Schmitt triggers on SC, RC and SO lines (keeps clock signals at Vcc to avoid latch-up)
  • Start up delay for /output enable EDIT: can also be controlled by a spare PIC pin if available/if there's code space left (e.g. port B currently allocated to the LCD)
  • Base-emitter resistors, might help with the very faint ghosting. Also necessary when tri-stating the 595 outputs at start up
  • Discrete components are easy 1206, in fact the most fiddly thing will probably be the 289 THT diodes!
  • Diode bending jig added to a corner (experimental)


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