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Thanks, guys :-)

Artyman: am just using the MBSEQ for unmuting/muting prerecorded sequences, but there is so much more it can do (also in a live performance), like transposing, changing track lengths, track (note) directions, adding live MIDI FX and more :)

Many greets and keep posting your music!

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Hi Peter,

Nice track

( a little headache for the fast cam moving :happy: )

I noticed of your ESI samplers , I bought a ESI2000 for 30 euro in a local flea market and  I am very happy about it

greetings from Italy


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Hi Antonio,

great to hear from you again and sorry for the shaky camera!  :-)

That ESI is awesome (especially for its price!). If you want a great upgrade for it, I can recommend a SCSI2SD device - it is fast enough, needs no external power (powered by SCSI directly) and has enough storage for lots of samples/sample disks. The ESI sounds exactly like the E-MU Ultra (it loads the same sample banks, too), i ran the drumloops through both units in parallel to test, so you made a great bargain! (mine cost something like 65€ plus shipping). You can also directly fit in a 20x4 OLED from Newhaven, so that is also an upgrade path :-)

Many greets!

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