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10K POT. w/ Push-Swith & RGB Shaft


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I've got a quotation for 100 pieces of 12PLRGBSD1VBF-D-15F-2B10K-001-6H from TOP-UP

It's a linear 10K Potentiometer with RGB Led Shaft and Push-Switch of 0.3mm travel.
Price is 3.90$ each.
100 pieces is a minimum and this is not very big.
I haven't got shipment price for the moment.
The shaft type: Flatten(F)
shaft length: 15mm
Taper: Linear(2B)
resistance value: 10K
Drawing(pdf)  / Specs(pdf) / Taper(pdf)

Who wants some?


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2 minutes ago, ilmenator said:

How many different RGB LEDs (=encoders) can you drive using one of those?

Using TLC59731 ?
One RGB Led, This is 3 channels driver. A 32-Bit Data Packet. 8bits command + 3x8bits(RGB).
The goal is to relieve the CPU and facilitate the design of the layout. It requires 3 resistances too, but it's only one line between each driver, between each RGB pot. It's 8 pins SOIC package, not too big or too small.
In datasheet page 18, it says "There is no limit on how many devices can be cascaded, as long as proper VCC voltage is supplied."


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