oled 1306 128x64 eagle/kicad library?

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i have this standard 7-pin OLED 1306 Displays:


and i want them to include it into a kicad project (i can translate eagle to kicad)


does anyobody have footprint and shematic file?

i found in internet, some files but all of it are OLED-Foil-Connector to a PCB where all the Foil-Wires resulting into this 7-Pin Breakout - that i dont need. i have already a Display and the PCB where it sits on it - and from there i get a 7-Pin Connection to my Project PCB.

short i need a Library for the complete Display shown in the Video above.


anyone? thx.

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addet resultion

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If nothing shows up: it's easy enough to create the footprint yourself in KiCAD, you'll be surprised!

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