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midiphy Eurorack Expander Modules

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Hi Laurent,

For euroceiver versions 1.5 or older there is a J0 jumper above J19, near the USB.

There is a jumper on the line transmit board but it basically supplies power over the DB cable, which you don't really want as there is a big voltage drop.

If grounding is not the issue then I would typically expect power supply (e.g. noisy USB), bad cabling or similar.

At least you can test directly without the line drivers now the SEQ is open.


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After some more debugging, I could not find the problem...

But, some blue smoke later, it turns out my tantalum caps were reversed on the SUPERDAC (anode is marked on the caps, not the cathode...). It should be more stable now. Sorry for the disturbance...

Thanks for the help, Andy!

I'll try and make some music now :)

Take care,

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Hey there

getting some more work done on my euro modules that I hope to connect to my MB-6582 (I know Ive been working on this for like three years, lmao, always something else I need to do first).


Anyway, just trying to get a handle on the USB port on the euroceiver module. It is *exclusively* used as a 5V power input, correct? But...what is the intended use case for that scenario? with the onboard vreg *and* the option to get 5V from the euro power bus, I can't think of why anyone would ever want to pump in 5V over USB from the front? Can the gate/CV modules also run from the USB 5v or something?


I'm designing my own panel that combines the euroceiver, one gate out module, and one CV out module. Is it chill to just leave the USB port off the board and close up that hole in the panel? or is there an important reason to keep it around that I'm just missing?

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