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Lets get started...


Goal is a midicontroller for Ableton live, at the beginning as simple midicontroller, maybe later to transfair Labels via max4Live to the controller... it will not a midibox-ng script, it will be a own program based on the MIOS-platform.

Hardware first, i designed a 6xSSD1306 + 9 Encoder Board, that is scaleable --- i will use 8-10 off it, its documented here (incl gerbers): http://wiki.midibox.org/daw-encoder-display


i already have the Motorfaders and the ready soldered and flashed mf-ng boards, i will controll them with a stm32F4 board... which also handles the encoders and displays.

in order to drive the displays stable, i use latigid-ons display driver board.

- this is also the offical discuss topic for this project (which is linked in the wiki)


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pcb arrive, soldered 4 off them (12 channels) - the 4 others i make a nother time. (24ch in total)

the display drivers from Andy work great again!

the midibox code is working, the max for live patches too. (at least for this state i am happy to get automaticly the Channels names, and the Macronames!!! hell yeah!)



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i am working on the Frontpanels now,

For the Button Board i use Aluminium

Clear Acrylic for Screen-Encoder Section


Opal Acrylic for the Motorfader Section -

+++because, i plan to make RGB-LED-Boards so light up the Channelstrips in the same Color as they are in Ableton Colored... so i see groups, and have overview....

i want to mount them lower to the Encoders and make a Aluminiumplate to block the LED-Light from lightning into my eyes directly.

i too make traces into the Acrylic, so i have less Illumination from strip to strip:


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