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SIDControl VST-plugin for MBSID V1 (not V2!) by S.M.


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I have just released the first public beta of my new 'SIDControl' VST-plugin - or better 'remote-VST-plugin'.

" SIDCONTROL puts a complete user surface to the HW-SidSynth in form of a VST-Plugin. "

Its usage is like a common VST-softsynth, but it does process MIDI instead of audio-signals.

Now you can remote and automate your SID-Synth via a VST-Host like FLStudio or Cubase and SIDControl-VST.

Check this out at ' http://www.saschazone.de '  or  ' http://vst-factory.saschazone.de '

-hope you like it  ;D ;D ;D

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I have added a 1:1 screenshot of SidControl here: '  http://www.saschazone.de/gfx/sctrl2.jpg '

Some more features and restrictions :

Direct MIDI-connection to your Sid by the VST-plugin (not the host) -so you do not have to configure anything MIDI-related in FLStudio.

If the host allows internal sound-routing (FL does) you can send the aux or CDIn (where the SID is connected to) to the FX Mixer and through

any other VST-plugin - in realtime (nearly)

that sounds all good, but there are some little restrictions:

When you render your song to wavefile you will hear nothing on the SID's-Channel because during the render-process the SID will not be played live. You can go around this by recording the SID-Channel first, then insert  the wavefile to your Project before you start rendering.

SIDCONTROL edits nearly all parameters the SID has -except the wavetableseq (but WT-patchchange is possible). Because of the many parameters it can cause something like a MIDI slowdown and many CPU-usage when you automate too many parameters at the same time or triggering patchchange too fast.

But for me and my minimal-SID-Synth (which was a PC-CD-Rom before) it's the best choice to make cool HW-SID-sounds in a quick and easy way inside my PC. Maybe my next plugin is a MicroWave-PC-Control to get the same easy handling there, too...

ps: (to dcreatorx) - It's made with Synthedit (http://www.synthedit.com/)

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Hey this sounds great!! Can´t wait to try it out... Having some trouble with the password-thingy on the webpage, but i´ll try again later..

Your othe VST on the page sounds pretty cool too, looking farward to try that out too  ;)


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I've just fixed the problem :D

Register by click on 'register' fill in your name in the first field and your email-adress into the second one. -> then click 'submit'

After that check your mailbox and you will find your password in there.

Now you can login with your email-adress and password.

...That's all.        - it doesn't cost anything more than a second of time and you can login to all current & future-downloads on my Site. ;)

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Thanks alot, Now im able to download ;)

I´ve only tried it a bit (as im busy painting the apartment) but I almost love the thing already. Using cubase this thing make it a lot easier to Automate the Sid. I do have a small suggestion (hope you don´t mind some feedback :) ) I´d think it would be a great feature if it was possible to turn off (an ekstra button or so)  the CC-messages when you press start, stop and so on. This would make it easier to use the internal presets in the sid. It would be nice to be able to you the internal presets and tweak the sounds with the SidControl without havint to create the presets from scratch in the sidcontrol.

Besides this, everything seems to work pretty perfect!!  :D :D

you diffently made a nice pice of work!! :)


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But for me and my minimal-SID-Synth (which was a PC-CD-Rom before) it's the best choice to make cool HW-SID-sounds in a quick and easy way inside my PC.

Ok, just to clarify...you have your sid synth built to take up a drive bay on your computer? And judgeing by the "cd in" you have all the wireing internal? Thats a pretty unique idea if i'm reading correctly. Any pictures?

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yes, it's possible to make a switch for turning the patchselector to internal/external program-changes (added this to the to-do-list).

It will have a better performance but the Gui will not respond to the changes of the SID then.

I also planned to implement a plugin-internal multimode - so you can play different SID's with different parameters by one SIDControl, only.

SIDControl is win32 compatible, only and an AU-version is not planned by my side.

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I built my SID-Synth into a standard PC CD-Rom drive and call this 'µSid-PC' (as a pendant to Waldorf's Microwave-PC).

It's full PC-intengrated and directly connected to my soundcard's CDin.

Because of the 6581-Chip I use an external PSU witch gives the required 15V triggered

by a 12V relais with the PC-PSU. But with a 8580-SID you can use the PC-power at all.

Most Soundcards have 2 stereo CDin's and so you can use up to 4 mono-SIDSynths by this way...

...but not in one CD-Rom drive, I think.

My µSID-PC is a single chip-mono-version. But I think it's possible to build a double-SID into one

CD-Rom drive, only - maybe (PIC18F) with NOKIA-Display, too. (...'m getting hot when writing this)

you find pictures here : ' http://www.saschazone.de/eng/proj ' -in case of hompage-refreshing to multilanguage there's not much

text there at the moment. (but i'll change this, soon)

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*yawn* good morning, oh mr. mighty developer.

you might want to see http://www.pheuron.de/index.htm?pics.htm, where S.M.'s and my sid are to be seen. They have been worked out as some kind of coproduction.

Mine is working based on a 8580 and running off the internal pc power supply.

WARNING! If you want do build it the same, you should add some 1:1 transformers to input & output of the SID, as i had one 8580 killed by 5V spikes.  :'( . (edit: and a second one severely injured. It sounds very muted now. Oh the price of research sometimes is a high one...)

It nevertheless rocks.  ;D

kind regards  kc

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oh ! There's a Mr.KC in here !

' KC is some kind of subject (made by human coproduction, too) , known as a thing called ' friend ' ;)  ....sometimes his latency goes high, nevertheless he's quite a cool guy. '

ps: hab noch ne terratec übrig...

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....sometimes his latency goes high

umm yes i'm still waiting for the patch for that outerworld-to-braincore-buffer-overflow-problem that seems to happen sometimes  ;D

In the meantime, i have started a separate thread concerning the hardware side of things, to allow this one to stay more ontopic. See

kind regards    kc

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Man, that is cool! Makes me want a SID.

I didn't know the VST spec allowed that level of return info. Could be good for lots of stuff ::)

FWIW- Steinberg have added a bunch of nifty "outboard patchbay" type stuff to use external gear as inserts, complete with latency compensation (I'm a Nuendo head). This is all in v.3 and should be Cubase as well. 

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With Native Instrument's Reaktor you can build instruments and effects very much like that of Synthedit and bring them into other programs as VST's. The saved ensembles (as they are called) are cross compatible with PC & Mac. Unfortunatly you still need Reaktor to use them (expensive).

In the case of SIDControl, it's just sending midi back out rather than dealing with audio directly I would imagine (havn't tried the VST yet). So I see no reason why Reaktor couldn't do it. In fact I had never heard of Synthedit before now and was amazed at how similar it looked to Reaktor.

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If you are familiar with reactor, I think you'll have no problems with using Synthedit.

And if you like this style of connecting anything you should test a VST-Host called 'AUDIOMULCH' http://www.audiomulch.com.

-but SIDControl has a little bug in Audiomulch : You'll find a Folder called 'SidControl' within a SCTR.dll - and not the SidControl.dll Plugin.

The SCTR.dll isn't a working VST-plugin itself. But when you hold your mouse over the SidControl-folder the real SIDControl.dll will be

inserted automatically. (everytime your mouse moves over the SidControl-folder)

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Oh, that very much looks cool, SM. I first got into modular-like computer software through Jeskola Buzz. Are you familiar with that program?

Hmm. I'm not making any promises, but when my MBSID is finished perhaps i'll work on a Reaktor controller for it like yours, and maybe add some ideas of mine. I think it would be good for the scene to see more people taking it upon themselves to add to the available tools instead of just asking for them. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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this sid control vst is extremely useful but...

it seems to me that it transmit only to channel1 even if you set a different channel. i can solve this problem via software with my creamware audio card, but maybe other cannot

it could be GREAT if the vst could accept incoming CC and update its setting after receivinv a CC: in this

way you can transfer the current patch data from the midibox sid to the VST and edit it on the screen!

anyway, thank you very much for this great device!! :-)

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