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Common suggestions for the fleamarket


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Hi there!

For all being on the forum and searching/selling something I wanna try to bring up some standard rules here for better transparency for all. These rules do NOT come just out of my mind but more from many DIY forums I am and I have been in for a quite long time. There are some rules, which should be good for everyone here. Critics & suggestions are always appreciated! @TK: Perhaps a sticky?

- For the subject: PLS always wirte either a [ S ] for selling or a [ B ] for buying (or searching) in front of your subject. If both is the case just use [ B/S ]. If you want to Exchange something ("I will give you part X, if you give me part Y") use a [ X ].

- If possible, state your country in the subject (e.g. Germany, USA, France, Holland or whatever)

- In the topic itself you can also state where you are located more specifically (e.g. city), so people know if they can drive to you and get/bring the article or not

- Always state what the article is, in what condition it is and tell a price (either as suggested or as fix price)

- And keep in mind that photos are always saying much more than a bunch of words  :)

- NO bank accounts and adresses in the topics. For more security (especially for yourself) always use PNs for these informations!

I hope this is usefull information for you! Greetz pay.c!

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Very cool!

Whew.....Some of us have been into electronics for many years...... :)  Looks like I need a new digi cam.  Wisefire your pics look great, what cam do you use?

One and one post per person seems like a good idea (considering you can edit your post as needed).  That could keep it fairly tidy for the database with two big threads vs. many small ones.  Not to mention that any other way will get spam-like and not worth reading really quick. 

The huge bonus here is that specific part numbers from have/wanted lists will be correctly indexed in any forum search.....

Just thinking out loud, I have no idea what I have to trade yet, etc. and just to be clear I don't want to trade for stuff in the store (I already can't keep up with emails, much less new random trade offers) but I would love to get some trading going to get rid of some of this spare/odd stuff....it's stacking up!  ;)

Back to making up kits with me.....I'm way behind  :-\



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hey smash,

im actually using a mobilephone.. a k750i.. its not a great cam.. but for a telephone cam is suprisingly good.. its a 2 megapixel cam.. in darker lighting situations it does streak and give noise.. but for day shots its great.. i can recommend it as a mobile device.. its fully featured and a real

to work with it.. its menu system beats the daylights out of the nokia system any time :P

[/irritating infomercial rant]

ok, and .. but what about Trading.. as in i want your "lord of the pit"  and ill give you my "mox emerald" for it..

or: ive got a 220 ohm resistor and im willing to trade it for a 1.2K ohm resistor.. you know.. serious trades..

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You could use a [X] for that.  8)

For Exchange. And by the way: [X] is so much cooler for Exchange than [E].  ;D

In the intro!

PS: I have no "lord of the pit", but for that "mox emerald" I would give you two "orichalcum scythes". OK?

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