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Analogue Drum Modules

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now started at that link and arrived here:


"..lets you program parameter values on each step..." 

"In order to preserve the analog sound as well as of sound control, all parameters are controlled by specially adapted and discretely built up digital to analog converters. Great care has been take to preserve the anaog feel of control votages in the AirBAse 99's MIDI control of sound parameters."

be sure to click on the page selector button. I like its build a lot. Nice , full of ST micro :)

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You're right about the Jomox. It's not a bad price either at 549 Euro, though they're currently not giving delivery dates. I don't know if there are any additional costs, but that's no  more than you'd pay for a x0xb0x, if you had to get it assembled, rather than build it yourself.

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Well, I asked at analogue solotions how much would it cost me to get a 909 snare module without front panel & pots, I  would have to simply  subtract 5 GBP from their price ~ funny somewhat. As I wrote I dont want the rest of the sounds either one. The Airbase with that playback from RxM would be nice , BUT those are not user waveforms afaik, saaaad.

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