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  1. IMG_20170323_170659976.jpg

    beautiful case and panels!
  2. MIDIbox PCBs available at Modular Addict

    Oooh! I've been looking for these a long time. @smashtv thanks for all the years! Now I can start collecting parts for the sequencer and mb6582 \o/
  3. [WTB] GM5x5x5 PCB

    I might have one left. From .nl I have almost all parts to populate the board (except for optocouplers, din and led), so I could provide it somewhat kitted for you. I did solder the mcu already (see picture). Haven't been able to test my solderwork yet (might be a while before I can test it too). So if you don't mind a bit of an extra wait, I can part with my second set once I've completed the first one :D
  4. Oh, this is a very interesting thread. Hopefully another run will be done soonish again. Been slowly gathering parts for a c64 equipped with the baseboard. Just need a baseboard to get started :p    so it pays to check the shop once in a while. I seem to keep missing the runs haha :)
  5. Trouble re-burning 16f88

    Sounds like, since you're using the internal osc, that the PIC gets started. Once started, you can't burn to it anymore. Not sure how advanced the MBHP burner was, but it's based on JDM burner as far as I can remember. The problem with the JDM burners is that it supplies a voltage to the PIC, which starts up the PIC software. There needs to be a small delay in applying a certain voltage, so that the PIC doesn't start up but does get into programming mode. Try a different burner :) I got myself this one through ebay 2 years ago: Enhanced JDM PIC programmer A couple of years ago I found a webpage with a mod on the JDM burner, to accomplish exactly that. Unfortunately, the page is dead. Managed to salvage things through and have it hosted here right now: Cheers.
  6. gm5x5x5 Bulk order #2 - done

    just voted, probably daaaaaaays late but who cares :) white on red! GUS POWER!
  7. sammichSID LED brightness

    Hmm, now that you mention the LED tester. I tried that one. It seems some leds are less bright when a lot are lit, but are of similar brightness when lit individually. I'll go ahead and desolder the LED with permanent dimness, and check out the other ones. Cutting up the LED is a very good idea to easily desolder the stuff :D (So obvious, I didn't think of it myself >_< )
  8. sammichSID LED brightness

    Hi there, I soldered my sammichSID during the christmas holidays. The whole machine is running just fine right from the beginning. I just have one small issue: 3 LED's aren't as bright as the rest of the 45 LED's. What could possibly cause them? Ofcourse I just think of putting up this topic now, when I'm nowhere near the sammichSID to point out which LED's... so this is just coming straight from the brain: Right hand side of the LED's, 1 LED in the second bar, 2 LED's in the third bar. So I'm thinking that I might have overheated the LED's, or there's some other problem (I did get 3 extra LED's, so I could swap them out... somehow. Solderbraid and me don't go too well though :P) Any ideas/tips for troubleshooting?
  9. sammichSID Prototype

    Oooh!! An AN1x synth! \o/ <3
  10. Can't find MB-6582 walkthough

    If I'm not mistaken you're looking for this page: Some links to construction + pictures...
  11. sammichSID Prototype

    Darn, that matte black looks awesome. I'm up for changing from acrylic grey to matte black (forcedly or by sheer free will :P)
  12. Maybe your LCD is flaky because of 4bit/8bit troubles in the LCD driver (either on the software side, or on the hardware side?) Glad to hear you found the solution to your fuse troubles :D
  13. Dramatic Forum Change

    I like the dark stuff. Could you make the quick reply box have a greyish background? It sticks out like a thumb in my sore eye with the rest being dark. The breadcrumbs on top are nigh impossible to read (black on dark grey background? hmmmz) Oh, could you compress the icons a bit? There's too much screen real estate being lost on spiffy nice icons, making the dark layout look rather untidy to me. Too much scrolling to go through the complete list of boards Compare with f.e. more condensed, better overview :D
  14. You sure there isn't a short-circuit somewhere? Stray blob of soldering left somewhere? Dangling bit of wire, flaky soldering joint? How about testing the PSU separately, hooking it up to a breadboard orso, just to make sure it really isn't the PSU? (or really is the PSU, depending on what you want to confirm)
  15. sammichSID Prototype

    put me down as number 25 on the list for a full kit (incl. sids) :D