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  1. Hehe, Peter does indeed have a soothing voice :) Maybe check that your Waveshare 407v is set to Boot Config: Flash? Best, Andy
  2. Would have to leave Peter to answer specifics about the LoopA firmware but I will see what I can answer. Thanks! All was based on Peter's initial concept with some minor additions.     Best, Andy
  3. BLM 16x16+X build guide

    We're making good progress! It's a fancy new app with a fancy new display and fancy new other things. :)
  4. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hi Steve,  Please refer to the BOM e.g. This is the whole "kit BOM" but each PCB also has its own BOM page for easier reading, plus you won't get confused with the coded "shop names" of the PCBs. There you can cross-reference all parts with the silkscreen names on the PCBs.  You could in effect use the slightly longer pins for everything. I think the "standard" pins are only used for jumper headers etc. Where it's important is interconnecting the lemec and plate PCBs with through-PCB headers/sockets. A "standard" header length works but might not give quite the right contact, therefore slightly longer ensures a better connection. Have fun building! Best, Andy
  5. Hi Robert, great!  I was thinking of suggesting that you trying another card, but you said you tried two and formatted already so I didn't want to patronise you. I can only think that certain card models don't work properly and we also notice that in the SEQ. I don't think there is an upper limit and I typically use 2 GiB SanDisk ones myself. You could try the 8GiB one in the LoopA for a true test of intercompatibility :) Have fun! Best, Andy
  6. Hi Robert, I've seen it happen that the SD slot can be soldered with too much heat and this can kill things. How was your soldering of it? Check for continuity back to the 407v breakout pins, here's a convenient pinout of the SD card from the top: NC NC NC PA6 0V PA5 +3v3 0V PA7 PB2 NC I would suggest not to solder the three leftmost pins. You can also check for flux residue or shorts there. Care to upload photos of your work?  Best, Andy    
  7. [SOLVED] SammichFM LED issue

    Glad to hear! Enjoy your sFM! You can get some cool sounds out of it but I found programming is not 100% straightforward.
  8. [SOLVED] SammichFM LED issue

    Check back to the Core pin and whether the PIC is socketed properly or has adjacent shorts, check the interconnection header pins/socket.
  9. Yep, the L4 superellipse caps were very popular and we sold the last sets over the weekend. More caps inbound but will of course take their time at the moment. Ordering a full kit would be possible if you were happy with the old clear-style caps, still some of those around.  For LED soldering, you can just mount the LEDs flush against the PCB. They will not fit through the case cutouts anyway. One user wrapped his panel LEDs with heatshrink (Schrumpfschlauch) to block light from neighbouring positions. It's a personal preference though; some like the effect of LED mixing. Best, Andy
  10. SammichSid LCD pin header replacement

    Mouser 517-929834-07-36-RK is one of the longest "standard" headers but only single row. Check the datasheet on the Mouser page and you will find other parts. None of the longer dual-row header 929710 are stocked apparently. But you could use a pair of single-row strips, which is what we do for the LoopA.
  11. [SOLVED] SammichFM LED issue

    Maybe then check the data signals reach the shift register? You can cross-reference the PIC Core and DOUT schematics: If in doubt you can also disconnect the sandwich and run wires directly from the Core pins.
  12. [SOLVED] SammichFM LED issue

    Pics are a bit blurry, but it looks like the LEDs have the correct orientation. You should be able to scope a (probably) 1/8 pulse on the LED cathodes  anodes if that column's LED is illuminated. Likewise, you should see an alternating (but up to 1/8) pulse on the transistor base. Do the transistors follow the expected pinout? When uploading the hex file did you specifically choose the sammich one or "normal" MIDIbox FM?
  13. [SOLVED] SammichFM LED issue

    Can you get any normal LED function? Touch up the soldering on everything to do with the LEDs (pin headers, ICs, caps, resistors etc.), also check LEDs have the correct polarity .
  14. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hi, These encoders should be decent, so I wouldn't think the encoder had gone bad. Rather, there might be an interconnection issue. The 9th encoder is connected to pins 4 and 5 of J1, so check that you get good contact there. If the pins don't reach far enough into the through-board header you might get an intermittent contact. Check all solder points too as you might have a dry joint etc. Best, Andy
  15. Sorry, didn't see your message as the notification settings were broken for a while. I can't say anything about Hauptwerk but you should be able to monitor debug events in MIOS Studio. I would try to diagnose the DIN/DOUT functions and matrices first at the hardware level. 
  16. Event_Sender, send all

    I'm no NG expert, but what is the exact event/ the parameters used? Do you set specific ports for example? Maybe post the config and somebody could help.
  17. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Many thanks for reporting and I'm glad it works! Is the hub also connected to the computer and sending data that way? There is an OTG startup sequence where the devices have to decide who's the boss. Maybe things don't make it that far if there's too much going on with the datalines. Just speculation!
  18. midiphy Eurorack Expander Modules

    Hello, Peter made an awesome video (4k quality!) demonstrating the assembly of the following modules Euroceiver (line driver receiver in the rack), power distribution A1 Expander (AOUT based on MAX5500) D1 Expander (DOUTX1 for gates plus protection) D2/D3 Expanders (likewise for clocks and triggers) Feel free to use this thread for any discussion or troubleshooting. Have fun building your modules!     
  19. midiphy Eurorack Expander Modules

    Sorry, I managed to upload one twice. The quell PCB functions as a terminator, so you clamp unused inputs to 0V.  
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  21. midiphy Eurorack Expander Modules

    I recently designed Eurorack versions of DIN and AIN, still need to test but hopefully in the next few weeks,   @Antichambre maybe you should start your own thread as to not mix up things, thanks. Have fun! Andy
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