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Dramatic Forum Change


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Well only thing left for completion are the smilies.

But since it's TK's birthday i will give him a special present today that he does not like  :D.

A ghrapichal layed out forum  :P

You can choose it from your profile or click this link to change it into the new layout.



Almost forgot to mention!!!

You can add in your profile BUY ME A BEER buymeabeer.gif , this is the donation button. A beer will cost you $5. So if you wish to donate Thorsten a birtday beer click on his beer to donate one!!!

If you think someone helped you out good buy them a beer!!!

You can also see it as an addition to a thank you post..

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I tried to warn you all :D

So where's the ;D smiley?

Fear not, twinnie is aware of this and it's disappearance is all part of the Great Plan.

You forgot about the crying face, and the :/ face

And I forgot about the rolling eyes smiley. I need it to use on bugfight!

Dark times are ahead for midibox, dark times indeed. Mark my words.

Danger danger! We have reached forumcon 5! Somebody call the president!

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But since it's TK's birthday i will give him a special present today that he does not like  :D.

Thank you! I guess, that sooner or later I will like this layout as well! ;)

There is one detail I don't like that much: my name under the midibox label.

It's not because of the "perfume touch" (which Wilba mentioned), but because since some years MIDIbox turns into a project, where many people are adding their contributions. Accordingly, MIDIbox shouldn't be directly associated with my name, but with the community.

E.g., my name under the logo would leave the impression, that only I'm allowed to call an application "MIDIbox xxx" - but in distance to this, I would like to see, that everybody who respects the community would use this name for his developments.

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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