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sammichSID Prototype


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Hey! Is the Arctic Cooling MX-2 paste good for the heatsink?

Arctic MX-2 info

"As the ARCTIC MX-2 does not contain any metal particles, electrical conductivity or capacitance would not be an issue. Unlike other silver and copper compounds, the ARCTIC MX-2 ensures that contact with any electrical pins would not result any damages."

Sounds nice, heh?

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Do you know how much of the build guide is already devoted to idiot mitigation? :rolleyes:

Didn't stop me fitting my bank chips before I was supposed to, then removing them and forgetting to put them back in at the right time, and wondering why the damn thing wouldn't program :blush:

Never underestimate how stupid people can be hammer-head2.gif

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hi! i´m in for one of them kits!!! are you shippin yet?

If you have your own SID chips, there are kits available but there's a long waiting list.

If you wanna get in on the sammichFM kits, those are shipping now as well.

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So, I finished my building my sammichSID while back, and have been using it for making music ever since. Thank you Wilba and Nils for your awesome design, and support when it was called for. Here's a link to a song I made using only Sammich as a synth (drums and percs excluded). Hope you guys like it. :)


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Great track unikoi! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I like those 5ths (if that's the right way to say it, I'm a music newb).

Reminds me of this (at 1:31):

P.S. seems to be a new MP3 plugin on the forum... no volume control... can't download the MP3 (unless you are admin and can view/edit the post text). Maybe you should upload it to Soundcloud too.

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Thanks!:) Ok, thanks for the info. I have an accound in there already, so I'll upload it there too. Meanwhile, I've been enjoying Sammich a lot these past few days, and got my friend interested in building a sid synth as well! (he's a real deal c64 enthusiast too) While i've been using and learning to use all the features the Sammich has, various questions have risen up concerning the user interface AND the synth itself.

1. Has Midibox Sid v.2 the ability to send MIDI clock? All the other synths I have, that have MIDI OUT, do send MIDI clock when the synth is set to Master. I've started to fear that maybe my MIDI OUT isn't working as it's supposed to.

2. When in Multimode, when I apply filter to all instruments, change different waveforms to different instruments, and play in 6 voice polyphony, some of the instruments get really distorted. I know that the filter distorts the sound giving it that destinctive chip-sound, but it still feels mine is getting beyond that. Please Doc, tell me i'm worrying for nothing!

3. In modulation matrix, first couple of operations are easy to compute, but i seriously have no idea what XOR,OR, AND, MIN and MAX are. I've played with them yes, but with more knowledge comes better understanding. Is there a simple explanation for them? Also, in both sources and triggers, after the parametres there comes numbers 0-127. Are they midi CC#'s, or just random numbers? :D

4. When I put on the power, everything works fine for a while, but after some time, some of the buttons start to act a bit wonky. Sometimes they don't respond, and sometimes they respond giving me a double tap. It isn't a big of an issue, but it has slowed down my workflow when running through menus (couple of time's when i've exited the wavetable-editor to go to i.e OSC-menu, i've jumped right to the root menu and accidentally switched to a different preset - Thank heavens for the key command for "autosave"). I'm thinking the cause may be a bad solder joint somewhere, which gets worse when warmed up? I've checked some of the solder joints, but am unsure which ones are critical to buttons, and i wouldn't want to risk re-soldering any working ones. Could the cause for my problem be elsewhere?

..And now for the final one:

5. I have BCR2000. I've mapped it so I can use it to make/edit sounds with Sammich. I've started to long after a built-in control surface, because of the "feature" the midi-controlling holds.:)(It's really tedious to track back and insert the parameter values with sammich's encoder, when i've first tweaked with BCR2000) Then, I stumpled upon a program called BC Manager, program published by Mountain Utilities (Check out their web page here) and forums where people have succesfully made Behringer's controller control hardware synths via Sysex-messages. Therefore, I've come to believe that it is possible to send Sysex messages to sammichSID as well. But, are they non-destructive too, like CC's and NRPN's, or can one use BCR2000 / BCF2000 (I myself have BCR2000) as a CS for Sammich?

I have no experience on Hex-editing, nor Sysex or whatnot. The little I do know, i've learned from these sites, and from the BC-manual. If this can be done, I would gladly make presets and layouts for different engines for the BCR2000 and share them here or/and with anyone in need, but I do need help from someone who understands the code-part.:)

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Didn't know where to put this, so I put it here. It's a very old tune (around the time when I finished the sammichSID), but it's a kind of a tribute for the synth. I used the sammichSID pretty much for everything in this song, including the talkbox-sound, and I'm pretty sure you can recognize almost every sound in it, because back then I was a preset-freak. :P

Hope you guys like this song as well. (The chorus doesn't have any lyrcis, because I lost the session-file.)


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