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MIDIbox CV V2 Concept


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There is an easy way to make stuff snap fit.  I use illustrator but the process should be the same for any program: Draw the "hole" part first, set the stroke to 0.2mm (this is the kerf, the material the laser burns away), then outline the stroke.  The outside line will be extents of the resulting hole.  Do the same thing to that outer line (stroke for 0.2mm and outline stroke) for the mating part but in the opposite direction (in) so the final hole size and the cutout part have the same dimensions when you take the laser beam width into consideration.  The laser never cuts perpendicular to the material, there is always a little angle and the parts will snap toghether

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Thanks for the tip, Altitude! I was nervous about using that method because I didn't trust the tolerances for them to match up exactly.


In fact, as I mentioned, that's the problem I had with the "friction bumps" I added to the windows: they should have extended quite a bit past the outline of their respective hole - but they didn't.

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Just a couple more in-progress teaser shots. It's going to be a while longer because I don't have much time in Feb.


To do: a few more front-panel holes to carefully counter-sink (thanks for the advice FFWD!), lots of internal mounting to finish with ...namely the button boards.


And finally, lots of soldering to do (DIN, DOUT, Line Drivers, OLED's, buttons, the whole CV panel, etc.)






For the CV-section, I chose:


- 8 CV

- 8 Gates  (with LED's driven by the DOUT)

- 8 CV In

- 5 Clocks (with LED's driven by the DOUT)

- Run/Stop

- Clock in







Notes on the interface:


- 8 buttons to choose which CV channel you're working on

- 4 buttons to choose the OLED and its parameters

- Start, Stop buttons

- Record/Save patch

- Fast-forward: fast shift-key for when turning the encoders

- Patch +/-

- Encoder Bank +/-

- 4 assignable buttons (I, II, III, IV)

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Oh, I see what happened - the English used in the second sentence is somewhat ambiguous:


"Also I was expecting to use ilmenator's SCS but it connects to J8/9.

Is it possible to get it work with two LRE8X2 ( TK ? )"


I thought he was asking if it's possible to 1) use your SCS and 2) to get MIDIbox CV2 to work with 2 LRE8X2. 

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The Standard Control Surface has to be connected to J10A


Connection to J8/9 isn't the standard - means: most applications (such as MBCV V2) don't support this.

In addition, Ilmenator's SCS based PCB has some additional button and encoder functions which are not supported by most apps as well - only by his own app.


The good news: Ilmentator created a new PCB with the actual SCS circuit which can be directly connected to J10A :smile:


Best Regards, Thorsten.

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