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MB808 PCB files?

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Hello all,

I am currently in the middle of trying to make an MB808 with in the three microlarge  PCBs. I have been reading about the MB808 kits from a user named Doug and how the project fell through. I am wondering if anyone  has the Eagle files  for  the all-in-one PCB. It sounds like the files were never released. However, I thought I would ask anyways. Thanks!

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You were not the first to ask and i am afraid you are


There are a couple of alternatives:

  • microlarge design on veroboard
  • getting the microlarge pcb made from pdf files
  • get the tr8060 pcb made (the project is abandoned but i have the eagle files)
  • buy Yocto clone/half kit
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The Yocto works fine these days. There were some ppl who complaining about the clap sound on early units, but that's been fixed. Plus, the MB-9090 can sequence that too. FWIW, the 1ms MIDI note on delay from the MIDI protocol itself doesn't make things less tight enough to be a problem. Any DAW can do latency compensation. Or, mod it with trigger inputs, it's not that hard.

Thse days there are 606 replicas too, plus ppl making DIY Linndrum ROM/sample playing boxes. There's lots of alternatives out there. Shuriken has listed the most obvious ones.

I'd get the Sonic Potions LXR with the trigger expansion too since it's a fun DIY-alternative to a Machine Drum.

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Thanks for the replies. I have the microlarge boards completed with the all of the components in. I am just doing bunch of trouble shooting now.


I am interested in the eagle files for the tr-8060 if you have them on hand. From everything that I seen of the tr-8060 it looks pretty similar to the microlarge boards.

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Today i finished my new 808 Clone!! :D

Based on Microlarge and a few more modifications by  me. Handclap will have a BA662 chip like the original and is made by me too.

Here is an image of my pcb. The size is 20x15cm for Through Hole Version and there will be an SMT version with much more smaller pcb!!ST-808.thumb.png.9e786d6a5c7ca51cd59233d

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On 1/12/2016 at 0:06 PM, lis0r said:

Will the SMT version require BA662s, or are you going to put something like this circuit on the board? http://wiki.openmusiclabs.com/wiki/BA662

Either way, awesome stuff :)

I am thinking a separated card with pins or goldfingers maybe.. I will not do it on board because i have some standards about the BA662...

Making many separated cards is easy and some of them will have the exact values i want

Best Regards



PS : I was away for a long time do to i was jobless.. Sad times here in Greece.

Now i am working again and i can make the project!

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