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Aout Euro - Prototype 1


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After some thought, I have a couple design changes and have a control surface board ready.

  • Line driver receiver is no longer part of this, it makes more sense to use the stock one since A) its more economical room wise since all the parts are perpendicular to the board B) people will be able to mount it where ever they please
  • More room means more outputs: module  will now have CV/Gate/Clock/triggers
  • LED indicators for the gate

I've provisioned the boards for either +5 from the euro power or from the core.  Testing will be needed to see which works better.  This is pretty much done as far as the routing, everything passed DRC and what not but I encourage people to glance at it to see if I made any mistakes.





Jack board.








The Aout Board





And the 12HP panel.  People will be able to place the line driver wherever they like, it does not have to be mounted to the panel.






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I already have PCBs for this (as of yet untested):



It's a dual design board for AIN and AOUT of 100x50 mm and includes my range switching ideas (bipolar +5/-5, 0-5 and 0-10). It lines up with my AIN and AOUT boards which would be panel mounted by their attenuator pots and connected through IDCs.

DOUT comes in from the right, and there's two channels of MOSFET level shifting. I think the DOUT is mirrored in this case, but as long as you're in the know it's easy to adjust one end of the cable :).

There's a hex Schmitt trigger which will condition a clock for AIN and drives LEDs on the remaining 4 channels. 


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On 2/5/2016 at 8:27 AM, slo said:

I'd like to see that DB25 on the rear of the cab to maintain clean lines up front, but that's just me, it's a great idea and I'd be in for a board.



On 2/5/2016 at 8:36 AM, Altitude said:

That wont be something I'll pursue, expecting people to drill holes into their euro cabinet isnt really a viable option.

A lot of Eurorack folks are big into DIY, I have no problem drilling holes.....


On 2/5/2016 at 10:41 AM, latigid on said:

You could just add a 1:1 header, it's easy to find crimpable DB connectors. Not as bad as soldering 25 pins :). Panel would differ though.

Panel can stay the same, leave a header on the back and the DB 25 on the front. now you have both options.


On 2/4/2016 at 9:24 AM, Altitude said:

Here some musings I could use input on:

  • Remaining DOUT ports.  If there is room for four 595s on the IO board (and there should be), i think I would be cool to make an expander (just 2 rows of 8 3.5mm jacks) for the clocks and triggers that are supported.  I considered doing this on the I/O board itself but then that really eats into the real estate.  Thoughts?


Any and all input is welcome..




Works for me.

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Nice, this kind of PCB is always helpful when you turn the things modular :p (or old school-synthed)
I would just say the front connector is quite outdated nowdays. But if this is the way to plug it to your SeqV4 =)
The All-in-one tested PCB would be surely a great add to midibox projects.
A standalone version with Core32 inside and MIDI Plugs would make it even better.

I send you all my positive vibes on your work. Waiting for a video :p


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The updated concept is looking good. It makes a lot of sense to stick with the standard MBHP line recover board rather than incorporate it into your design.

Its actually almost identical to ( MBHP hardware wise) what I have in my rack. I've got a Line receive connected up on and AOUT NG and DOUT4X4 these have a total of 5 x CGS-96 Trunks modules connected to break all the connections out to 1/8" sockets. 

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