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BLM 16x16+X PCB and case order [CLOSED/waitlist]

latigid on

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It's probably best to bulk order in the EU/US. Here are the prices for a set of 18:


Mouser single person:    $88.02
Mouser 6 people (108):   $78.12
ADAfruit single person:  $80.28
ADAfruit 6 people (108): $71.28

(the unlucky few who missed out on a shift button need a whole extra 4x4 piece)



In my experience, I don't normally pay customs fees or VAT from Mouser if I choose UPS as shipping and order over a certain amount. With ADAfruit these would be added on. I'm a leeeetle bit uncomfortable with bringing piles of button pads and LEDs over the border, even though I realise it would be the most efficient way to ship everything together...


Would someone in DE/AT run a bulk order of LEDs/button pads from Mouser and ship them out? It might save $50 per person.

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All current invoices are now sent.


I have contacted those who initially signed up, but had changed circumstances, with an option to deposit $100 with me to hold the pricing as it is at the moment. Full payment could be delayed for at least half a year. No problem if this doesn't work at the moment, but the downside will be increased costs in the long run as the current order relies on certain quantity discounts.

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Oh, that reminds me.  So u have the laser cut part finalized? I've got prime for Ponoko for another couple weeks so I could do a US run

Okay, I've attached it, eventually I'll write up a wiki page. It's based on the "P2" size, 384 mm square. I chose milky acrylic, but I don't see a problem with opaque (?).

This EPS file uploads correctly to Formulor, but please verify that everything looks okay before ordering. Because the spacer doesn't span the entire PCB I've added a few extra "washers" to help with the spacing, hopefully they work out okay.

You have extra room on two edges if you need anything else done. 


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Still waiting on bank payment from TK., ganchan and flyweight. When you make the transfer, it's best to use USD as requested. If you must specify euros, the amount might not be quite correct and I'll ask for a top-up :). You can use this calculator to get an idea of the exchange rates:



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Number of spare BLM/miniCore PCBs: 3

If you want cheap shipping and a cheap case, please let me know by, say 15.09.2015. Obviously I'll have the PCBs until they're sold, but I will only order the number of cases I have payments for. I'll have to consider the interest for another run (not looking likely at this stage), but let's see.

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