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WTB: MB-6582


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As in the tittle i'd like to buy a finished MB6582 with 8 SID chips.
I'd be interested to know if it could be integrated also in a keyboard case.
I mean if someone is capable of building a keyboard case with a keybed and make it a complete keyboard it would be awesome. Just an idea.


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i have a fully stuffed, mb6582 here, and of course i could build it into a keyboardcase... ... but what keyboard? what case? a gig-case?  noble wood case? with deck? with Standard frontplate? or are you thinking of some special frontpanel where the ui-elements are situated more horizontally in row? what are you willing to pay... i mean a keyboard, the case, the mb6582, the sids, and the TIME! this will be expensive. And it would of course take same time to assamble all this...

- and then the trust, that you then really will pay all that stuff....

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it doesnt matter who make you this, you have to plan some things on your own, you have to say what you want, you have to answer all of it! there are endless variations:


please look for a keyboard for your playing needs, and money...

for example:



or you can get a old midikeyboard, for example i was thinking to use my old alesis photon x25 keyboard for such a case many times, but it has to less keys, and the case isnt big enough for a fully stuffed sid


then what mod wheel, stick...pitch wheel stick... transpose keys?


then should it be prepared for later'/or now expansion -like analog filters and vcas? (you will need that filters and vcas 8times!!!) so the connections to the sid-sound-pcb are not taken from it directly , the connections will be wired to wired plugs on the keyboard case, instead of placing the sid-sound-pcb directly to the back of device...


then look@ the dimensions of the SID-PCB - 18x23,5cm, that space it will needs on the keyboard sourface too,  and that space it will need inside the case too (@ least 2,5cm),

the sid-pcb (the sound pcb), can sit:

beside the keyboard (so it is 23,5cm longer) the orginal wilba frontpanel make sense there

under the keyboard (so it is 4cm higher) only make sense if you want special ui where the  elements are more horizontal spaced

behind the keyboard(so its  19cm wider) let you much space for extra midicontrolls, because u use only 18x23 cm for sid panel in case of wilba cs...  in that case what functions, buttons and controlls you need additional?

or if you want a special UI, displays and special buttons, in that case, every time you want too upload a new firmware, you have to replace some files (cs_menu_leds.inc...) in the firmware and recompile like: manual-frontpanel




  • Buttons: there is a table in setup_*.asm which maps all button functions to digital input pins. Search for CS_MENU_DIN_TABLE
  • Rotary Encoders: there is a table in setup_*.asm which maps all encoder functions to digital input pins. Search for MIOS_ENC_PIN_TABLE
  • LEDs: there is a table in setup_*.asm which maps all LED functions to digital output pins. Search for CS_MENU_DOUT_TABLE

For assembly experts: new button functions can be implemented in cs_menu_button.inc, new LED functions in cs_menu_leds.inc, new encoder functions in cs_menu_enc.inc and cs_menu_enc_table.inc (difficult and not straightforward!)

Here a list of additional button functions, which are available in the release package, and can be selected within setup_*.asm if desired:

  • M_Vol (Matrix Volume): selects the 8th line of the modulation matrix. To be used in combination with 8 additional LEDs, which have to be connected as described in mbsid_v2_dout_default.pdf
  • Play: is doing the same like "SID1..4 + MENU" (see list of special button combinations)
  • SID_LR: switches between Left/Right or both SID audio channels
  • M_Mode: switches the LED matrix between normal Matrix display and Meter display mode; is doing the same like pressing two MOD SOURCE buttons the same time (see list of special button combinations)
  • Fil_ExtIn: enables/disables the external input routing through the filter (can also be done from the filter menu page)
  • Sync: jumps to the ENS->CLK menu (allows you to setup BPM and MIDI Clock Mode)

Following additional LED functions are available in the release package:

  • Play LED:: should be used in conjunction with the Play Button
  • Meter/Matrix LEDs:: should be used in conjunction with the M_Mode Button
  • SID L/R LEDs:: should be used in conjunction with the SID_LR Button
  • LFO Positive LED:: extension for the LFO waveform LEDs - is lit when the LFO waveform is only within the positive range (normaly, the 5 LFO waveform LEDs display a special pattern in this case)


then what case? directly in a flight case for example? or wooden for your living room, or use the original case - when you choose to reuse a old keyboard.

then coloring > in case of wilba cs > the frontpanel i have is black, (from julianf, uk) - for example a wood case, where beside sides on the wood sits a black aluminium panel at it...


if you think about all that, and answer any single question, and make a concept drawing, whe can talk about money.

- i am located in austria-


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Hi there!

Thank you very much for your concern regarding my project.
I think the Moog Source keyboard looks like an easy design to stick the MB6582 inside.
It's 37 keys so i think a lot of space.
I don't mind about the colour much. It can be black and if you can install your MB6582 inside as it is, I dont mind about the controls not being horizontal.
The more controls i can have the better. I wish it would be easy to have one control for every function the having to dive into the menus for changes.
I had Spectralis twice and sold it because i had to go through the menus all the time.
I liked the controls of the MS2000 although the synth was too limiting.
I'm not too much of a player, but i always wanted a fully loaded MB6582 for the sounds.
I just don't want to have to control it with an external keyboard. 
I care mostly about arpeggios, a sequencer with at least 3 rows of 8 steps or 16 steps, and a hold button.
Cutoff, resonance, ADSR controls, LFO, VCO, VCO MOD, DCO, VCF, AMP, FILTERS, TEMPO, as many controls possible are welcome to avoid diving into the menu.
I like to experiment while playing without programming.

It should be prepared for now expansion like analog filters and vcas. So like you said the connections to the sid-sound-pcb should be wired to wired plugs on the keyboard case.



I would prefer the layout of the controls to be mounted horizontally according to this example over here, but as i said above if money and time are of the essence and we can fit in a ready case then no probs.


I think also it would be great if a sequencer could be integrated into the whole case, if you are to use the MB6582 board as it is which i think will leave too much space empty.
I'll look for a keyboard case that is sold as parts in order to show you if we can integrate it in that.

Thanks a lot again! I'm in Zypern EU.

Mit Freundlichen Grussen,


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@ sequencer: i also have a seqv4 wilba cs here, without case i dont use anymore (i prototype much, housing in my case make no sense- i prefer woodplates and naket pcb), also i have much other modules here, to complete any whises (except vca vcf they i need on my own...)

@moog case, could fit, but dont know the dimensions on this device, dont think that a wilba seqv4 cs have enough place with the wilba SID cs in row... maybe you take a look @


@ my wilba sid is up and running, but not ready built in the case

@ the wilba aluinimium frontpanel + paytec case, i could try sale, in some future maybe one need them, the ui-pcb + lcd would be bit harder... but ok i could live with that


@ keyboard sold as parts - ok, we talk when your reserche is done - till then, mike.

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Mike, tell me if you put the MB6582 on the left, and the SeqV4 to the right, how much space do you need?
I ask in order to look for a case, otherwise we have to make our own. I have a Juno 60 over here that i serviced and will look at the case to see if i can build something myself.
Cyprus is too small to find help but i can try.
Just please tell me the are MB6582 and the seqv4 will be taking in order to figure what size keybed i'll need. I mean the number of keys.

Also you can PM how much you want for the MB6582 in a case and also the SeqV4 in a case. 
I don't want you to throw parts away. :(

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length: 66cm twogether. 76cm with trackposition display.

widh seq: 12.5cm

width wilba cs sid 16.5cm

make picture of that at night...need my cam for time lapse fotos at moment...

about money i need some time to calculate hardware costs.

about work time and the cost of that: it depends on the finished concept

edit... logged in on my cellphone... on the false account... i am the same human ;)


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i dont have a clue of the sequencer seqV4 features and menue and so on, i used only the hardware for my own program... so i cant say that the seqV4l will do that, you may search for yourself or ask in the forum


HERE costs.ods

i addet the costs, the parts costs are very exact the price i payed for it.

the time is expectet, i dont remember exactly what i need, or can know what i really need exactly.

the costs are without keyboard and case material costs (but with exceptet time need and keyboard electronic)

also without trackposition display - you have not answered that you need or not...

the package to zypern is also expacted

for the LCDs there are options... i calculated for standart Backlight LCDs ---green for seq, blue for SID.... for OLED black background ones, it will be far more expensive.

some parts i have to source, the seq-v4 panel for example, i dont have this, i must order this from julianf from uk...



also the price is on the lower end - i for me take more euro per our in reality - because - my time is more worth then any money ;) of world... i have a plan, and i want to change things in my environment - its horrible here in austria (planes that makeing dust doing changing climate here, toxic substances in water, dessert like fields of wasted earth, EU-orders, stupid people, meat-eaters, nonsense roman empire rules...)

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There are simple sequencer built into the sid platform too. It is a more basic 303 base line type. You might be able to make use of that and have your two evolving tracks on a seq light. It would take up  lot less space and the cost would be a lot lower. The Sid sequencer is more of a menu driven sequencer. The full sequencer would give you a lot more tracks and is a lot easier to manipulate with the enhanced control surface. The lite sequencer version is really good for fast live type improvisational or quick playing. The file format is also compatible between both so a more advanced sequence can be set on the full version and played on the lite version if you want to keep things smaller and more portable. Good to consider your options and requirements fully while still in the planning stages.



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