LRE 4x1 breakable RGB LED-Ring/Rotary-Encoder PCB bulk order

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Hey people,

we could need some help on this project.

So far the pick and place machine did a great job and the reflow oven as well. So I now have a few boards to test.

But I already run into a problem. In the firmware I set WS2812_NUM_LEDS to 144, because one prototype board is made from 4x36 LEDs => 144. Compiled and flashed. The core boots up nicely.
As stated in my previous post, the last 5 or 6 LEDs are slightly flickering. I've tested inserting 5V at the end of the LEDs again but this doesn't change anything. So it doesn't seem to be a power-related problem.

Things start to get crazy if I connect another LED-ring-board in series with the first. I set WS2812_NUM_LEDS to 180 (with 190 the core doesn't boot anymore), compiled and flashed. I think a video can describe better what happens here:


Does anyone know where this could come from?! Also does someone has an idea why the cores do not boot anymore as soon as I set WS2812_NUM_LEDS to 190 and more?

Any help would be very appreciated.




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