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  1. Hi I tested a encoder filter that is recommended by the manufacturer and it works. but im not so sure about the consequences. I will ad a schematical drawing to show what i mean. The question is: can i use this schematic without troubles? Thanks a lot Novski
  2. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    @ sneakthief: where did you get the transperant plastic-inlays made?
  3. Fader Automation

    Looking forward to see your development!
  4. Limitation in length of cable

    Hi Chris There is a limitation. Thats why there was recently a linedriver module developed: Best Regards Novski
  5. MidiBox CV and Quad IIc Module on same core

    I even wrote Tim on facebook but i didn't get an answer... I was not able to find a suplyer...
  6. Hi bubbles you are welcome to use my layouts i have published on github. LINK I have no idea of diatonic and melodic modes. Midibox seams to me to be the best Midi solution. Its realy easy to program different Banks that let you virtually multiply your 5x5 pad...  Maybe its best to get a STM32F4 first and try to do first steps with MIOS, it costs just about 15$... With that you can follow the tutorial on under Midibox_NG Project. LINK   Best Regards novski
  7. Hi Bubbles There is a very easy way to make a such solution. The IO ports on the STM32F4Core allow a 16In and 16Out directly. (LINK -Search for DIO) So its not exactly what you are asking for because a 5x5 button pad has to be made with Shift registers. A 4x4 can be connected directly. But there is another drawback. The Sparkfun Rubberbutton PCB is layouted in Matrix form so to use this readymade PCB you will need to use shift registers anyway. I don't know the Ardiono Midi world so you might have to ask in a arduino forum to get answers about the hardware needed there. For Midibox i can list what you need: 1xSTM32F4Core 1xDIO_Matrix Module   Or you go for a 3x8 Buttonpad from my Layout: Doku / shop whith that you will need a core as well...   Best regards novski
  8. Fader Automation

    Hi Zam Well the overall current will depend on the connected parts and modules like LEDs on DOUTs... I can measure the current of a single STM32F4DISCO if you need to know it exactly. Best regards Novski
  9. Fader Automation

    Hi Zam   not sure if i understand you right... The Core PCB related J Connectors are described here: In the schematic of the core you can find the Pin assignment.   best regards novski
  10. I found a part of my problems.  :no: Some weeks ago i invested in a IDC Plier. That was already to late. The cable was made bevor and i don't know where i used it already without success.  :pinch:   Never use a normal Plier.   I will come back to the Ids soon. Have to test it tomorrow.  
  11. Hi Im trying to configure my MF_NG with a .NGC file.  Still i have problems with understanding the Code for combinations of different modules, ID Numbers and general. :smile:  Im Using Modules i all Layouted my self and i have tested them successfully one by one. Now the time is ready to  connect them together and make it complete. But i can't manage to find out how the IDs and config shold be.   SO to make it not too long i made a chart of my SRIO chain I marked the unknown with a orange round "ID?" and i wold like to know what ID the next LED wold have...     May somebody help me?   Thanks a lot Novski
  12. Well that wold be easy. Id=1 😀 No, what im searching for is the id after the Matrix. If i make a 8x16 Matrix with SR 1-3 and then connect a single direct LED to SR4, D7, the id doesn't seem to be 129. what id is it? Or is my cirquit faulty...? Best regards Novski
  13. Ok. I will upload it here.   Let me ask a simplified question:   If i make a LED Marix and configure it like that: DOUT_MATRIX n= 1 rows=8 sr_dout_sel1=1 sr_dout_r1=2 sr_dout_r2=3    Now i connect a single LED to the next SR output (D7 i think) on SR4. Whats the code to make that single LED light up? Whats not clear to me is the next ID number after a Matrix...   Thanks novski
  14. Hi Does anybody have a idea how i cold get midibox buttons to send an F1-12 Key like if i hit my keyboard (that one thats typing this post through my fingers right now... :rofl:  ) maybe also through a RTP-Midi Module as well?  :pirate:   Sorry for those dumb questions, but if out there somewhere there is a solution or similar, please let me know...    best regards  novski
  15. Midibox Button presses Keyboard?

    ah yea that looks a bit easier. I will test it soon. Thanks!
  16. Midibox Button presses Keyboard?

    hey yogi. Thanks for that. I didn't try it until now but the documentation says something like it will work.  :phone:
  17. Will these Illuminated Encoders work?

    Hi suloo I once made a pcb for RGB colored encoders. You can find the compleete dokumentation in the wikipages: Feel free to download the Eagle files an expand it to 16... Best regards Novski
  18. Elektron Machinedrum Mute Controller

    Hey, im so sorry for that confusion. I didn't recognize that you whant to use analog Pots. I automaticaly thaught of Digital encoders...
  19. Elektron Machinedrum Mute Controller

    Can you point me to the datasheet of device U$29/47. They are unknown by me... And google doesn't help... The connectors look a bit strange to me. It should be possibul to connect just through J8/9 on the core to "in" and "out" shiftregisters with just 10pin IDC Headers... You may have a look in to the schematics of DIN and DOUT. Best Regards Novski
  20. STM32F4 & PGA2311

    This Forum mostly makes MIDI stuff so you might want to have a look to the . they make more Audio stuff.   Ich hab diesen Baustein mal angesehen und weis davon noch das die Steuerung über eine serielle Schnittstelle läuft. Davon hat das STM32F4 genügend aber mit dem Midibox projekt sind diese für MIDI In/Out reserviert. Daher wird es hiermit schwierig.   Liebe Grüsse novski
  21. Layout Data für MBHP Core STM32F4 Platine

    Richtig. Aber die Core Platiene ist nicht unbedingt notwendig. Du kannst auch ein anderes Breakout verwenden. Dazu solltest du dir die Schemas in beiden Dokumentationen genauer anschauen. RTP-Midi Core STM32f4   Viel spass!  :rofl:
  22. Layout Data für MBHP Core STM32F4 Platine

    Hallo Acul Nun soweit ich weis kann das MBHP_ETH nicht mit der SD karte parallel genutzt werden. Aber da stellt sich die Frage warum du noch das MBHP_ETH benutzt. Es gibt einen weiterentwickelten baustein der Latenzfreier arbeitet. Hast du schon vom RTP-Midi modul gehört? Liebe Grüsse Novski
  23. ALPS Motorfader from Yamaha Console

    yes thats Possible. There was a Member that had the same problem a few days ago with a Motormix Fader. His was a OEM Product with 10k but without a Touch contact... It had just 3 Pins in the front... Seams like they sold varies of OEM...   I don't know how it wold be possible to implement that 14k one to the midibox project. Maybe TK. can help you there...   best regards novski
  24. ALPS Motorfader from Yamaha Console

    Hi I ordered a box of those Faders new and have the ones i didn't use now for sale one my store. Its a RSA0N11M9A0J It should have a Resistance of 10k. I don't understand why you measure 14k. I made some marks on the picture...  best regards novski
  25. Layout Data für MBHP Core STM32F4 Platine

    Dieser geht:; 517-SD-RSMT-2MQ -> LINK