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  1. AINSER deadband configuration?

    Hello Chris   I have a quick look at your pcb few things in mind: -J1 and J2 only use one wire (ribbon) for 5v and 0v, ribbon is very thin wire... you can expect voltage drop/change/instability anytime you have small load change. Try cut the ribbon at 0 and 5v and replace with 0.25 or 0.5 mm2 wire (direct soldering at connector pin for test) -what side is your ground plane ? -Did all fader have same jitter or position in the PCB have impact ? -IIRC unused 4051 pin are better clamped to ground !   Best Zam
  2. AINSER deadband configuration?

    Just to add that in my design the safe "don't send when not used" function is handled at .NGC with a if_equal linked to touch sensor of the respective fader/slider EVENT_AINSER. I suspect you don't have touch detection at your slider, but you can use button for this.
  3. AINSER deadband configuration?

    Hello I will say you have a design/layout/PSU problem that cause unexpected jitter I don't now about mux with distant wire, maybe buffer is requested for strong data over long trace, is your "jitter" random regarding value or "around" the actual pot position ? Also, how is the layout of your 5V trace used for 3208 analogue Vref and slider servo track ? The expectation is to have a separated trace for this, without power distribution for anything else from Vref at 3208 to sliders You can check with DMM at lower mV setting what you get between 3208 0V and slider 0v, you can then monitor how "stong" is you 0V ref as consistency over the plane/wire, change the load by on/off led and button state if you have some. Do the same between 3208 Vref and slider 5V.   Another idea is maybe to check how reliable are your slider ? replace one with two resistor in series (equivalent serial value as slider) use the middle as wiper and check if jitter is better ? By the way what is the ref and stroke length of you fader/slider ?   For "critical" operation, like 11bit low or no jitter, and in some circumstance, local precision regulation is a good option...   I don't think being concerned about jitter at 7bit is too perfect , you can for sure improve your result !!! we will find out where we can do it better.   Best Zam
  4. AINSER deadband configuration?

    Hello Chris The pinrange= is the deadband setting it has noting to do with jitter. At what bit depth did you configure your AINSER module ? Only 7 bit for CC ? If you have jitter at 7bit you may have a hardware problem... double check wire, strong 0V ref as 5V ref jitter at 7bit is more than 50mV moving somewhere   Proper design/wiring should allow 11bit without jitter, even with 50cm cable from pot to AD input   Best Zam  
  5. [solved] LCD Problem

    Hello Tom Yep, good board Best zam
  6. default.ngc

    Hello Fantom Tks for your reply. I think I'm aware about what you find at source code IIRC. The point at the time I look at this is to understand where the default files generated get his definitions, to generate a default file with my specification. It's not an major topic now for me, but still interested to understand the (soft) mechanic :) Best Zam
  7. default.ngc

    Hi all Yesterday, after two years designing and "playing" with hardware for midibox NG, I just finally compil my first app... the default midibox_ng_v1 A new world is opened to me and I hope I can "custom" the ng for my fader system, maybe a dedicated app ! Today I try things like reducing SRIO scan and AOUT number, as deactivated unused hw in my design like encoder OSC etc... Now I have a question regarding the default.ngc file generated by the app when not present at the SDcard, where can I modify this to have my dedicated .ngc automaticaly generated ? Best Zam    
  8. Change configuration-parameters by MIDI?

    Ok Do you need continuous parameter access and adjust, or parameter flip ? I never use keyboard but IIRC MB_KB is MB_NG ? If configuration flip is enough you can have a load (file) command at .NGR called from receiver (full config including .NGK I think) But I suspect you want direct continuous control :/ Don't know enough about KB to efficiently help on this. Best Zam
  9. Change configuration-parameters by MIDI?

    Hi Chris If the functions you want to change are part of .NGC configuration, you can use event receiver (from external note or CC) that set/select/change bank. Then your event_x can have different setup depending of selected bank. Best Zam
  10. Chain MIDIboxes

    Hello That's for sure, I report the same observation with different baudrate, it's massive, like every packet/data At 20x it's just sometimes, apparently not affecting the system to work, so... I don't investigate more at my side for the moment, if you do, feedback welcome :) Best Zam
  11. Chain MIDIboxes

    Hi Fantom I reduce at 10x now, I have debug message "time out" showing sometime at 20x, don't notice problem with it (maybe some intermediate data in a fast pitchbend change?), but it don't feel slower at 10x so for moment it's my daily use setup. Best Zam
  12. Change MIDI channel of keyboard & transpose

    Hey Chris Did you try bank ? EVENT_KB EVENT_KB EVENT_BUTTON...meta=setbank...toggle...range=1:2 Best Zam
  13. Hi Skunks I suspect your analogue pot have some move at the shaft, or inaccuracy at the track ends. Try to set some dead band at AINSER (cf .ngc manual, pinrange= ). Best Zam  
  14. Hey That's great ! definitely waiting the feedback on this. Can you pleas send me the full data sheet if you have it ? Best Zam
  15. Yes that's right ! (I just update the first post) I'm currently working at optimisation of .NGC/.NGR configuration, for mutli core (16 or more fader) handling in a Master/Slave setup. Like Solo an Mute status between system, as optional button functions at slave core but seen by DAW as main MCU unit (not XT). For the moment I run 16 fader with only one connection to computer (USB), computer see two MCU unit.   Best Zam
  16. Hi Here is how it look just before final assembly Best Zam
  17. MIDIbox goes RTP-MIDI...

    Hello Benoit Thanks for reply. Not sure I understand everything right now, but if it allow to have at least 4 independent session (not merged like now) it will be great I know the analogy is not correct, but for my use case it should be like the USB cable which allow 4 midi port definition (16ch each ones). I need to send/receive 32 pitch bend, 8 per ports chan 1 to 8. If I'm the only one that need this it's little annoying to ask for it... Best Zam
  18. Fader Automation

    Hi all I open a new topic at MIDIbox user project section for the release and support Best Zam
  19. Fader Automation

    Hello   I decide to start a new topic around my fader automation. As i don't plan to use MF_NG anymore it make sense to not saturate the dedicate topic.   The "rev2" prototype is based around STM32 core AIN for fader servo track AOUT to drive my analog PI driver D I/O for led, relay, button, touch   I design some Din/Dout board based on the matrix but with only 8in and 8out and with integrated touch detection circuit By this I keep the whole system modular like my mixing desk, each fader will have a dedicated PCB.   80% of the parts and board are on the basket or waiting delivery I hope running the first test before the end of the year :smile:     --------   Now the questions !   I start to read a little about the STM32 and MIOS32 Last revision include "toggle" mod, "on/off" capabilities for the AIN, acting like a DIN right ? I'm wondering if it's also possible with AOUT ? I'm already thinking of v3 proto, with "only" 1x 8AD chip and 1x 8DA chip per fader module, where I can manage ALL led, relay, button, analogPI and motor Ending with a single "bus board" or "bus ribbon" to the core in a serial mode, (or multiplexer?)   second question is about STM32 supplly I plane to use external 3.3v, 5v, and +/-15v (for AOUT and my motor driver) I'm fine with the STM32 J2 description for 5v supply, but i don't understand where I plug 3.3v ?   and last... i can't find any specification for all J connector regarding pin n° and function, the GND usually use pin 1 and 2 or 9 and 10?   Best Zam
  20. Fader Automation

    Hi Jerome Thanks! Just to clarify one point, the sequencer video is a not a "special" mode (of course it could be implemented with another NGC/NGR midi configuration) It's a short multitrack audio loop, whit automation play/rec on the fly Voilà Zam
  21. MB-6582 current draw

    You should try my two non regulated tube microphone psu 'night Zam
  22. MB-6582 current draw

    I don't see any reason a SMPS won't do the job. Best Zam
  23. MB-6582 current draw

    Hello jaytee   Is there a local regulator at the MB6582 for the 5V rail ? because the supply you show is 12V In this case we also have to know the amperage at 12V supply output, not only the 5V rail... For the 5v rail, If I do little math, 4 SID installed is about 90mA per SID, considering all other component and the 70mA/SID (datasheet I just read) I gess it make sense (I don't know this build) Now adding two SID increase to 550mA, which is 200mA more, 100mA per SID, for two SID alone (all other component idle already in the previous measurement) So your already have a problem at this point, not enough to shut down the unit, but supply start failing...   Try another PSU, (and use an autotransformer if you can for this kind of trouble shoot) Best Zam    
  24. MB-6582 current draw

    Hi As you only talk about add/remove IC and not swapping IC, maybe one of the IC dead and shorting Vcc Vdd? Best Zam