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  1. This has to be evaluated... since the PIC18F comes with much more RAM, a second MIDI buffer could be realized like on the standalone MIDI Merger, this would decrease the latency to 320 uS - 960 uS on usual cases (when no SysEx data is received/sent) Best Regards, Thorsten.
  2. MIDI Filter v1.4

    Hi Ilmenator, a nice application for the filter! Hope that you will publish the final source code, so that other people can use it as template to solve their problems :) I don't expect that the second event is sent by the filter. Maybe from the StudioMix? Does it come with a MIDI Merger? This would explain why the NRPNs (the "used" values) will not be forwarded... how did you connect the MIDI INs/MIDI OUTs? Are you using 2 MIDI INs on your PC? Best Regards, Thorsten.
  3. Hi Christoffer, thats correct, I've disabled the MIDI merger in this firmware so that the SID module behaves like a common MIDI synthesizer. A temporary workaround: remove the optocoupler of the SID core module and connect J11:MO of the MB64 core with J11:MI of the SID core and connect the J11:Vs pins (ground) of both cores together. On this way the MIDI stream which is coming out of the MIDIbox64 will be routed to the MBSID and your PC. I will check in the next days if an activated merger causes performance problems in the MBSID firmware. Best Regards, Thorsten.
  4. Midibox16+ LCD weirdness

    That's really weird - I've no answer (yet)  :-/ Best Regards, Thorsten.
  5. SID 1.1 Problem

    Hi, I compared the LCD drivers of both firmwares and found one major difference. I'm unsure if it is really the reason, so please could you test this one: Best Regards, Thorsten.
  6. SID 1.1 Problem

    Hi, sounds strange! Does your LCD work with V1.0? Best Regards, Thorsten.
  7. Due to a lot of requests and documentation problems, next weekend I will clean up the MIDIbox64, MIDIbox16E, MIDIbox MF firmwares. Beside of the known features the new versions will provide: 64 Buttons (2 DINX4 modules) 64 LEDs (2 DOUTX4 modules) Device Numbers a new SysEx dump structure (sorry, Serge!) The motorfader and sequencer part will be removed from the MIDIbox64 firmware. Tomorrow a first version of MIDIbox64SEQ will be available with a new handling and new functions: 4 Tracks with 3 Layers (for Note Number/CC Number/Velocity/Gatelength/...) Seperate Transposer/Arpeggiator for each Track independent clock divider and direction flags (Forward/Backward/PingPong/Random) for each Track Pot-Rows can also be assigned to common controller functions, so that you can control the parameters of your synthesizers and play sequences with one MIDIbox at the same time A later version will also provide 64 LEDs, so that every pot has it's own LED. Best Regards, Thorsten.
  8. Hi, When will a first prototype of the MidiBox NG be ready? I will start with the MIOS in my winder holidays - so the first release should be available in January. Best Regards, Thorsten.
  9. Tastenkombinationen mit Midibox (16E)

    Mist, das wollte ich eigentlich einbauen, habe es aber vergessen. Demnaechst wird es also einen "temporaeren Bankswitch" geben, mit dem man mal auf die Schnelle eine andere Bank einblenden kann. Gruss,        Thorstem.
  10. Weiter mit den Motorfadern...

    Problematisch ist nur, dass meine "vintage" MIDIbox64 MF gar nicht mehr existiert, ich habe sie ja mittlerweile zu einer MIDIbox MF (mit neuem MF Modul) umgebaut. Deshalb kann ich das alte Design auch nicht mehr supporten (sprich: debuggen, falls es mal zu problemen kommen sollte). Hinzu kommt, dass aus der v0.35pre bereits der Motordriver rausgeflogen ist, die dadurch freie gewordenen Register werden nun von einem neuen Feature verwendet. Die zusaetzliche Hardware fuer eine MIDIbox MF ist gar nicht mal so teuer. Auf ein zweites Display kann man erstmal verzichten, die Spannungsversorgung kann vom ersten Core abgezweigt werden (-> Port J2), die MIDI-Schnittstellen lassen sich ueber den J11 Port verketten, spaeter ist ein MIDIbox-Link moeglich, so dass noch nicht mal zusaetzliche Buttons fuer das Bankswitching benoetigt werden. Uebrig bleiben: ein PIC, ein Quarz, zwei 33pF Kondensatoren, drei Pull-Up Widerstaende an Pin RA4, RC3 und RD1, und das MF-Modul. Das laesst sich auch prima auf Lochraster aufbauen. Im Endeffekt betragen die Mehrkosten also gerade mal 15 EUR :-) Gruss,        Thorsten.
  11. power supply

    Hi Lo, it's really difficult with the specs for power supplies. Sometimes the effective voltage is given, sometimes not. Sometimes the voltage under load, sometimes not... however, the only interesting attribute is the output voltage under a current drain of 1A. If all motors are in standby mode, the current load is less than 1 mA, that's the reason why you see a higher voltage (before the LM317) Unfortunately the LM317 has to consume the difference voltage between the input and output. The result is heat. In fact the LM317 will get hotter with higher voltages, so if you have the option, take a power supply with 12-14V AC Best Regards, Thorsten.
  12. Find the changes here: And the new tutorial here: Best Regards, Thorsten.
  13. fu**** encoder

    It seems that the link doesn't work... however, at the MIDIbox16E page you will also find a reference to a 24P encoder from mouser/USA. But maybe it's cheaper to order the encoder from RS components in Germany, so that you don't have to pay additional taxes. Best Regards, Thorsten.
  14. LCD & 4 menu buttons?

    I could add an (software) option into the SysEx dump structure which disables the menu buttons and assigs them to MIDI controllers. Best Regards, Thorsten.
  15. Question about SID

    Hi, the amplitude modulators are used by the internal envelope generators of the SID. Unfortunately it isn't possible to control the amplitude levels directly - would be a nice extension for the LFOs :) The voice 3 off flag disconnects the third oscillator (which can optionally used as sync or ringmodulation master) from the output amplifier. It's usefull if you only want to hear the sound of the slave oscillators Best Regards, Thorsten.
  16. Hi Dan, yes, you are right, for an endless scrubb wheel special routines have to be implemented. I could add it into the MB16E firmware, but since there are so much other things to do, I would prefer to wait for MIDIbox NG. It shouldn't be a problem to realize such a scrubb wheel extension with the upcoming plugin concept (-> assign 2 of 128 available digital inputs to a rotary encoder, send out MMC messages, print out the MMC on the display). Anothera advantage: on this way you only need one core module for a lot of pots/encoders/buttons/... List: sure, just post it. :) Best Regards, Thorsten.
  17. About the Sid enviroment.

    Hi Christoffer, yeah, the MIDIbox SID *is* cool - yesterday I made my first real song with 2 SIDs (stereo) and I'm very satisfied with the result. :D The binary numbers are a little bit tricky. Don't "translate" them into hex or decimal values, just deal with them like with flags (or think about switches, which can be turned on or off). So, a saw sound is:   00000010 (Bit 1 is "switched on") Triangle and Pulse together:   00000101 (Bit 2 and 0 are "switched on") Sync sound:   00100001 (Bit 5 for sync and bit 0 for triangle is set) Btw.: Sync and Ringmodulation are only working together with Oscillator 3. OSC3 is the "master", OSC1 and/or OSC2 the slave. More details can be found in the 6581 specification. A good start: OSC1 Waveform: 00100010 OSC2 Waveform: 00010000 (off) OSC3 Waveform: 00000010 Now increase the Transpose value for OSC1 and you will hear the difference. A well living sound can be achieved by assigning the velocity to the Transpose CC of OSC1 (CC17). Make it more fat - enable the second oscillator: OSC2 Waveform: 00100100 detune it and and assign a LFO to the pulsewidth Best Regards, Thorsten.
  18. New MotorFader design

    Hi Frank, great that it's working - so I can freeze the routines and continue with the next features (Touch Detection for each fader, etc.) 74HC595: normaly it should deliver enough current for 8 LEDs, I don't notice problems with the intensity. However, there are some alternative 74xx595 available, which may be better - I don't have a oversight right here, but I know that there are some informations about the logic families at the TI (Texas Instruments) and Philips homepages. Best Regards, Thorsten.
  19. AIN: potmeter/button

    yes, it works in this manner :) Best Regards, Thorsten.
  20. Touch sensor compatability -->

    Sure, you just only have to build a circuit which outputs a control voltage of 0-5V. See also Additions to this page are welcome! :) Best Regards, Thorsten.
  21. Hi Dan, it depends on the used software if a transport section and datawheel can be used or not. As far as I know, it's possible with Logic/Cubase/Cakewalk/Sonar by sending MIDI events to the "MIDI Remote" receiver of the program. Type of MIDI event doesn't matter, mostly Note Events are used. Read out Song data: not possible due to lag of support from the Emagic/Steinberg/Cakewalk. They are using propritary protocols which are only available with a NDA - this kills a public domain project. Additional data wheel for menu options: not necessary, since all menues can be controlled intuitively with the available buttons, pots, encoders, faders, etc... Best Regards, Thorsten.
  22. New MotorFader design

    Hi Frank, I changed the timeout algorithm (slightly): up to now, the current fader value is copied into the "target" register during the timeout state after a fader has been moved. This should fix the problem (?) Link to the new firmware: Best Regards, Thorsten.
  23. Midi Merger

    Hi Jurie, ok, now it's clear. It doesn't work due to a misunderstanding. All MIDIbox firmwares with integrated merger don't support a second MIDI In. Only the data stream from the common MIDI In is merged with the internal controller data stream. If you need a second MIDI In, an additional merger is required (see also the diagrams under You also mixed up the pin names, which confused me. RA4 is pin #6, Rx is pin #26. The MIDIbox Plus firmware doesn't use pin #6 Best Regards, Thorsten.
  24. Done With my m64!!!!

    Hi Christoffer, here some instructions from the Logic Changelog: And here an example: I used the ESP. When you go into the "controller" view (like shown here), you will see all available parameters. The parameter position correspond to the Fader event number - 1 (7 -> CutOff) Best Regards, Thorsten.