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  1. The forum game

  2. Picodore 64

    That's beyond awesome. That's it, I'm making one.
  3. The official eBay thread!

    Sounds like a major bargain looking at what he has there, just makes me wonder what the "and more!"could possibly be. I'd buy it. If I were in .AU. And, you know, had 18000 dollars lying around doing nothing.
  4. The forum game

    "I hate snakes"
  5. The forum game

    -"We burn the wicker man after we sacrifice the virgin" -"Do you get many virgins around here?" -"Not any more..."
  6. The forum game

  7. quiet fans

    If your new fans give you a fair amount of airflow over the mainboard, I'd still recommend looking at zalman - if the CPU's not a really hot one you can get a copper heatsink that should cool things real quietly. Or, you could try getting a larger CPU fan, like an 80 or 120mm if there's space - you can get wide, flat heatsinks that'll let you fit a big fan. The idea there is that a large fan can shift the same amount of air as a smaller one, while spinning slower so it produces less heat.
  8. The forum game

  9. THE resource KILLER - Windows Vista

    1ghz and 512MB? that's way more than you need - we've got some machines here running it on a P2-400 with 256MB! Not very well, mind you...
  10. quiet fans

    Watercooling isn't always as quiet as people seem to think. You might not have any fans any more, but some of those water pumps are pretty loud. Your best bet I'd reckon is to look at some of the stuff Zalman make - be warned tho, if you passively cool your processor you'll need a lot of airflow across the heatsink, which may mean you have to keep the noisy fans on the sides anyway  :'(
  11. Material and thickness for front panel

    When I get round to doing my frontpanel, I'll be using the stuff at my dad's metalworking business. Cost: 1 sausage & egg sandwich. The closest thing I can think of is an X/Y milling table
  12. Awesome looking box hexman, I love the colours and the large buttons - do you use them for transport?
  13. Awesome! I love the layout, for some reason that big encoder wheel in the middle made me instantly think... "prototype iPod" lol  ;D Just seen your layout for the Endorphin too, Loving the 'Virus' look to it xD Dan
  14. The making of LX's MidiBox

    LX, that's a work of art!  :o
  15. Parts required for a MIDI controller for Traktor etc

    *duh*, my mistake - the SEQ can too. Not sure about the others, I'd be happy to be wrong.
  16. IIRC it's the french version of a megabyte, can't remember what the exact word was. @Moxi: That. Is. Awesome. I'm gonna have to get myself some resin and some RTV silicon...
  17. magnetic sheidling for sl1200's

    Kris. Breathe.
  18. Parts required for a MIDI controller for Traktor etc

    The LCD display is controlled directly by the Core. There is no specific LCD module - all the controller circuitry for the display (driver chips etc) on the board that the LCDs are attached to. To my knowledge, the only MIOS app that can control 2 LCDs (definitely the only one I've seen do it) is the MIDIbox LC - though if I'm mistaken, feel free to correct me. Hope this helps. Dan
  19. 128 Analog inputs

    The only time I found references to the MIDIbox NG it was used also referred to as the LC, could the two be the same? I can't find any references to how many AINs the LC can handle when you're not using motorfaders, at least in the time I have available at work while my boss is out of the office...
  20. The guy's a genius... and by that I mean he's totally insane. Awesome ideas, crazy level of complexity in his modules - I like the way he's made different types of I/O follow a colour code, tho I can't say I'm a fan of the way he's used 3.5mm jacks for everything...
  21. Did anyone else look at that Neko and just get a new integrated PC / keyboard / MIDIbox idea?
  22. MIDIbox SID Operating Manual

    It sounds like a pretty damn good idea to me. Is there nothing in the MIDIbox documentation project forum?
  23. I thought they stopped that years ago?
  24. @Jidis: I assume that when you're etching alu with HCl, the bits you want shiny are the ones you coat with toner? Silly question, but I's gots ta ask... @Artesia: That s**t is hot.