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  1. Sounds fair to me,I would be up for two boards if/when available. cheers Paul
  2. Will you you having another run of boards? cheers Paul
  3. taximan

    MBSeq TPD module

    Looks great, Is there a chance you could show the connections for all this to work? cheers Paul
  4. I have used spiratronics for a few parts and also technobots,both offer good service. cheers Paul
  5. Hiya, Looking good so far,good luck for the live test....................are you going to hide under the desk?...............................just in case (just kidding) cheers Paul
  6. Hiya, Sorry for taking so long to get back to you but I couldn't find the thread.duh. It's hard for me to define needs and such at the moment but as a starter I would pretty much just clone what you have done then let the ideas loose and see what happens. great project though. cheers Paul
  7. Hiya, hope I'm not too late,I've added another 4 boards and sil networks to match (my original numbers (sils)were wrong). cheers Paul
  8. Hiya, Nice one Hawkeye :) How do you personally go about making a new tune? By this I mean what is your workflow,are you like me for example,just twiddling everything until something sounds nice and adding to it or do you start out with some idea of the progression the tune is going to take? cheers Paul
  9. Hiya, Looks great.....nice job. paul
  10. taximan

    DAW Section + MIDIBox

    Looks great1 How do you achieve the 'handwritten' type of appearance for stop play etc........looks great. cheers Paul
  11. Knobs arrived first thing this morning (UK) Thanks for your time and effort Martin. cheers Paul
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