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ALBS "Waldorf" Knobs order number 5

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Order Number 5 is go!


Slightly different system this time, instructions are included on the wiki page.

Please guys, make this one easy for me :)

sakodak - 15 red

weedoo - 15 red

1010 - 15 red

booster - 32 red

nILS Podewski - 40 white

Natsirt - 15 red, 15 grey

Nestle - 16 red

Scy - 20 red

matoz - 15 white

kroutshev - 30 red, 15 white

audioguru42 - 50 white

Filch - 15 red, 15 white

koppi - 32 red, 32, grey, 32 white

Fractal - 17 grey

vout - 15 red

kynsi - 15 white

John Royston - 16 red

Kyo - 16 red, 32 white

curve - 15 white

dynamona - 30 red, 8 grey, 32 white

Cerebral Infect - 16 white

vcfool - 10 grey, 20 white

consumer - 15 red

Phattline - 27 red, 100 white

dnode - 20 red, 22 grey, 4 qhite

hutch1980 - 16 white

flexinoodle - 25 white

housemaster - 10 red

Eduy2kk -  5 red, 8 white

Protosx - 40 white

fussylizard - 25 grey

TDB - 50 white

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they fit on the xox-encoder-shafts (D-shaft), but they do NOT have a pointer, so be careful.

I can't remember who it was but somebody had great results when dying white knobs to a different colour.... Maybe one of the stripes on a white knob could be dyed as a pointer... just a suggestion, it might not actually work.


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Please don't message me to ask about your order just yet. I am not sending out email reponses to say i have received the order and the paypal requests will not be going out for a little while.

I will amend the first post to list what orders I have go so far.


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Hey do not try to fool me, I already paid you ;).

Seriously I received an another payment request. As I already fulfilled the first one I guess this is a mistake.

You're absoloutely right... You were at the bottom of my spreadsheet and I must have worked too far up the list when sending out the new invoices.

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I've sent out money requests as I was in a rush and posted in here when they were sent out. I don't think a few people have connected the two together so when I get a quiet point at work I will resend full invoices for the people who haven't paid yet.

Filch, I've resent your money request.


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Ahhh...  no worries...  I just didn't want to have missed it or had it filtered into SPAM and be the a-hole who didn't put up his money.

People aren't A-holes untill they ignore emails from me repeatably asking them for a payment or to tlet me know they are dropping out! (You won't beleive some of the stuff that people think is acceptable when others are offering them bulk orders)

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