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SELLING: ALPS Motorfaders, ALPS Encoders, Midibox CV, GM5 Interfaces, etc.


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Hi there!

In 2007 I did a bulk-order for ALPS Motorfaders and bought some circuit boards and other parts to build two MidiBox LC (6 Ch and 20Ch).
For more than 5 years I didn't get to build those Boxes, now I have a lot of spare parts lying around that I'd like to get rid of.

I'm keeping some parts, just in case and sell those other parts:


PUSH-Encoder ALPS EC11E15244BY - à 0,90 €



Motorfader ALPS RSAON (10k) - à 15,- €

Each incl: 1x plastic cap AND 1x silver touch cap!



MBHP_MF (R2) Modules - à 5,- €

Core (R4D)Modules - à 5,- €
DINx4 (R5) Modules - à 5,- €
DOUTx4 (R5) Modules - à 5,- €
AINx4 (R4) Modules - à 5,- €



GM5 MIDI Interfaces with GM5 Chip - à 5,- €

MidiBox CV KIT incl. ICs - 30,- €

Each kit incl: 1x PIC 18F452-I/P and 2x MAX 525 BCPP

If you're interrested, drop me an email at midibox@phinemedia.de

Payments via bank transfer or paypal ( +1,9% +0,35 € ).

Shipping will be from germany.


I'd be happy to help you out!



Best regards,


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I saw that as well, but Pollin is sold out... More noteworthy is the fact that the footprint is different from the Bourns encoders, and that the shaft length is 5mm shorter. That needs to be considered before buying!

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