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Another MIDIbox core

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Hey people,

since I'd like to be independent from the availability of the STM32F4-discovery board I started designing my own board, which has an STM32F407VGT6 on board. Its an LFQP 100 package, so not easy to solder. I have a reflow oven and the first PCB I made seems to work fine.

The PCB has very few components. This was just a quick test board to see if the basic circuit of the STM32F4 is working. It's basically just the STM itself and it's components like caps and crystal. Also there is a 3.3V regulator (based on 1117 but will change to TC2117) to power the uC. I added a pinheader for USB connection (on the very left), a pinheader for SWD to flash the bootloader and a reset-header. 

On the right you see the HCT541, which connects to J8/9 (tested: works fine). Also I added an MCP3208 and HC595 for an AINSER64-like-analog-scanning. 

On the bottom of the PCB there is a MicroSD-slot. 

No changes in the firmware are needed to use this. The only thing one need to do is flashing the bootloader the first time. @latigid on made a nice "how-to": After that you can use the MIOS as is.

So, why I'm telling you this? 

This core is already very specific for my applications. But if you are interested I could upload the minimal circuit for the STM32F4 to work and you could add all headers and components that YOU need by yourself. So in theory you could recreate the original MIDIbox core but you should end up with a much smaller footprint (especially regarding height). 

If you need assistance regarding soldering the STM32F4 I can offer to reflow-solder it for you. 

I'll clean up my circuit and upload it the next days!



Foto 05.02.18, 19 51 31.jpg

Foto 05.02.18, 19 46 00.jpg

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Is there a port available for a control surface? J10A or J10B?

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