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midiphy SEQ v4+

latigid on

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Hi all

I have been away from this forum for far too long, but recently having had a major surgical operation and now finding myself with some time on my hands while recovering, I decided that I need a project to get stuck into.  I used to read about the V4 Seq in awe here, and now I see that there is an awesome Midiphy kit of essential parts to take care of a lot of the tricky stuff !  

It looks amazing, and the spec is incredible so well done to all concerned.  It may be just a pipe dream for me, but I do have reasonably good electronics and soldering skills.  
my question today is can anyone please give me a rough idea of the cost of the additional purchase of components, after the Midiphy kit has been purchased ?

I know I could open a mouser account and post in the list already available on Midiphy to find this answer but I was hoping someone could just give me a quick heads up on this, for a person living in the UK.

Thanks in advance.

quite possibly I will be joining you soon, perhaps I could build the LOOPA V2 as a warm up project to see if I am up to it. 




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i am from austria, but shipping is free... in Austria i pay:

LOOPA - metalcase essential kit:

midiphy.com : 315€ incl vat + 20€ shipping
mouser.com  :  97€ incl vat/shipping

MATERIAL summed: 432€     >    if you build it yourself    >    DIY!

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Thanks for the fun build! One more out in the wild.

I don't know if I would have tackled this project if the build tutorial video wasn't available. Superb instructions! I had no issues throughout the build and everythting worked right away as I got it built!

Can't wait to try the thing out with my Blokas MidiHub!


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On 4/27/2021 at 10:21 PM, latigid on said:

Took a while! I didn't have enough of one LED colour so it is multicoloured :happy:IMG_20210427_231531_edit_201720329533281.thumb.jpg.87c43a1e8bc776b9c438a942f980ced7.jpg

Congrats Andy!
I've decided to resume my SEQ v4+ build tonight so your "betatester" should finally have it finished soon too! :decayed:

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I would like to use the push function of the datawheel to act as the shift function. I think that would make sense. Not assigning the push of the datawheel to anything is a bit of a waste.
Without digging into the sourcecode, is it possible to assign this via the Hardware config .V4 file, or do I need MIOS (I didn't use this yet)?

The Button of the datawheel is defined to the corresponding µC input, but how to assign it to the "shift" function?

#                    SR  Pin

Or is there a better assignment than the shift function?

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That I am not sure of. There are also unused functions e.g. the footswitch and gate.

It would be possible to remap any button without recoding by assigning it in the HWCFG. But I am not sure what function to put on the datawheel. I think I once asked if it could be an enter key or similar but I am not sure where/how that makes sense.

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So if I want the datawheel push button to act as "shift" which was formerly called "select" (kind of like "Enter")
I would replace




and could use the the select-Button (M8A 7) somewhere else, e.g. for UNDO or another unassigned function to use the Button labeled "shift for something else?



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--Pushbutton of datawheel might be useful as a single bookmark shortcut.  For example, the track config page could be accessed with one push.  I may try that..  

--Or perhaps as a tap tempo entry if you find yourself playing in a situation where tap tempo is used frequently (live band perhaps)

--Or howabout setting the footswitch / gate input as a tap tempo source, that only "listens" when the datawheel encoder is held down.  So you could have a tempo stream coming in from other instrument or player, and whenever things change up, you hold the encoder down for a few ticks and the tap tempo would be re set...


Would be AMAZING if somehow these things could be set on the machine itself.  



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Thanks! The unit makes a super good impression, quite forward looking to put it into practice!

Where i really struggle is the missing documentation for the v4+ . I started reading the Midibox v4 beginners guide, but the v4+ UI is quite a bit different. As example i'm missing the Trigger/Parameter Layer, Track Group and Track buttons, F1-F4, Length, Divider (and a lot of other) buttons which are mentioned in the documentation. The "general purpose buttons" seem to be the soft keys below the OLEDs. It is also not clear where the different button groups and clusters relate to. Previous users of the v3/v4 will have a much easier start into this i guess, but for a new user in the midibox universe the documentation is a bit cluttered.

It would be fantastic to have a documentation specific for the v4+ and also focussing on the structure of the sequencer UI, and less of describing every user journey in the user manual which is a bit tedious to memorise instead of simply understanding the basic concept of the UI, and then gain some intuition on how to solve tasks.

As example, i really like the quickstart overlay of the Pyramid Squarp and the web page explaining the workflow, maybe something similar could be (user generated?) be made available for the v4+.




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Thanks, glad you like it! It's really built like a tank :).

I think documentation could be a cool community project, maybe you would like to start a wiki page? A user personally offered to write up some pages but I can imagine that life takes over and certain things drop off the priority list.

To answer some of your questions:

14 hours ago, clddstllr said:

Trigger/Parameter Layer

It is now on the (right-hand) JA board: click the respective button and the lower row of Matias keys chooses the layer. Note that this is a significant UI enhancement compared to the previous standard panel.


14 hours ago, clddstllr said:

Track Group and Track buttons

Likewise, choose the respective JA button. Rather than track groups, you get instant access to all 16 tracks and can easily make multiple selections now, a significant UI enhancement. The concept of track groups still remains and is indicated by the group of four tracks, with the currently selected track coloured differently.


14 hours ago, clddstllr said:


In the SEQ v4+, most if not all button functions have their own dedicated buttons and there is no need for F buttons unlike in the previous version. If you wish to remap any of the buttons, feel free to edit the HWCFG file.


14 hours ago, clddstllr said:

Length, Divider (and a lot of other) buttons

This has the same workflow as before: select the menu and press the respective key underneath the OLED displays to access these.

One important thing to note is that the previous "select" key is now called "shift".


It really is a deep instrument! I would encourage you to try out some basic patterns and explore the options, for example the direction and divider pages, the MIDI echo FX, different scales etc. 

Have fun with it!


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On 8/5/2021 at 4:16 AM, clddstllr said:

Thanks, very helpful! I could have a go at a cheat sheet, that one does not exist yet for the v4+ and should be quite helpful for starting a new journey.

Deepness is a fantastic attribute for a tool, if it can be unlocked by intuition :cheers:

Here's a simple "cheat Sheet" I made up a while ago and keep handy.  May be a good starting point for folks.

  I add notes to it, go experiment, and then revise the cheatsheet. . 



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After a few mistakes, I finally finished my build of my Seq V4+

Thank you to Peter/Hawkeye from Midiphy, Michael Menze, and Andy/Latigid On.

It’s working great and I’m finding it very intuitive to work with, though I’ve only just scratched the surface.

All the best, 






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