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Out-of-stock parts for midiphy BOM tool

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ah! hmm.... not sure what happened ...
but somehow Mouser put the 25 pack No. 595-MC3486NE4 in my cart after I imported the BOM from the midiphy page and I didn't question it sufficiently.
or maybe that was the previous BOM part No. before you changed it??

anyways, not a biggy, my purchasing skills are a bit rusty after some break from DIY


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I updated the midiphy BOM tool to reflect the "single quantity" Mouser item. I think this wasn't the case before (as I've ordered single quantities using the same part/link), so my bet is Mouser "updated" that part to require MOQ 25. Did you ask them if you can return them for a refund or credit?

Once again, sorry for the trouble! You could have a whole studio of equipment with your Cores in one corner and the control surfaces in another :).


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Hi everyone,

First post here, oh my :) After a few months of saving, I just bought a SEQ V4+ on the awesome Midiphy Shop, and can't wait to get my hands on it. It looks like the sequencer I've been searching for a long time! The Midibox community is so interesting and impelling to me, thanks everyone who in some way or another has contributed to the SEQ project.

So I ordered all the components from Mouser for the V4+, and I just got an email announcing that a few parts were out of stock. Here's the list:

1 • CR1206-JW-103ELF (10K resistors)

2 • 3FTH9 (MEC switches)

3 • 1S11-19.0 (MEC switch caps)

4 • CR1206-JW-561ELF (560ohm thick film resistor)


I found 1, 2 and 3 on Digikey and RS-components (I'm located in France), here are the links while I'm at it and if that can help:

Digikey: 1, 2, 3

RS-components: 1, 2, 3


Digikey seems like the best option since you can order in single quantities.


It was quite easy to find the missing components apart from number 4, which is out of stock everywhere. So, sorry if that's a silly question, but I was wondering if anyone could help to find some alternate component that would replace CR1206-JW-561ELF? Preferably on Digikey, since all other missing pieces are available there, but somewhere else would be fine too.




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Welcome! Thanks for your parts suggestions. You may also like to check Reichelt and Conrad for the MEC parts, if they offer cheap enough shipping to France?

The 560R is not a crucial value, and in fact could be made as a 500R resistor by stacking 2x 1k resistors on top of each other. 470R should also be okay.

Best of luck with your SEQ v4+ build!

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Thank you latigid on and gbrandt for your answers! Sorry about that, I'm a complete newbie and a bit afraid to order the wrong part, so just to be sure, could you give me a link of a specific component that could replace CR1206-JW-561ELF? I couldn't find a 500 or 470ohm CR1206 on Mouser, just 430 or 510. 

Is this one ok? Or that one? They're not the same dimensions as the Bourn's, which is why I'm asking…

And I'll check Reichelt for sure!


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You just need to search for „1206“ and „560R“ and you will find a great selection at Mouser and Digikey available. Your first Reichelt link in your last post is also completely ok. Tolerance doesn‘t have to be better than 5%. Your second link to Reichelt is a resistor with 0.1% tolerance: Unnecessary expensive.

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Found a really cheap source for the 19mm transparent Multimec caps / 1S11-19.0:


35 pcs = €13.00 Including VAT

Plenty of Stock, and free Shipping to the UK and Ireland, not sure about other European countries. 

RS Online would have cost me  €41.38 with delivery for 40, (multiples of 10)

Found them via https://componentsearchengine.com/ , which figured out that farnell had the .0 missing from the part number, never trust google alone!

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Hi guys,

i have to order back some cable sockets (mouser parts : 89124-0101, 89116-0101, 89110-0101), unfortunally at mouser they are asking something like 20euro of shipping + vat , its more expensive that parts themselves !

so i'm trying to find alternative for shipping to france but i cant find them at the only shop that i know : conrad (shipping is like 6euros with vat).

does anybody have alternative sources for these within france and/or with not too expensive shipping ?

thanks by advance

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5 hours ago, otropom said:

i have to order back some cable sockets (mouser parts : 89124-0101, 89116-0101, 89110-0101)

Did you check your local electronic shop?
Personally I live in a small city, less than 20K people but there's one electronic shop with IDC connectors in stock ;)

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12 hours ago, Antichambre said:

Did you check your local electronic shop?
Personally I live in a small city, less than 20K people but there's one electronic shop with IDC connectors in stock ;)

unfortunally the only shop near is a "proxy market" with only beers and chips (not so bad !)  :cheers:, the closest electronic vendor is like 3hours from where i live.

Visibly TME seems the solution , shipping is like 8-9euro, i think its the cheapest around so i will stick with them ^^

thanks guys for your fast answers :happy:

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Here are some order numbers for IDC sockets from Reichelt:

10 pin:  „PFL 10“  €0,11

16 pin:  „PFL 16“  €0,19

24 pin:  „3M 36266600“  €2,25 (only available from 3M, actually I like the cheaper PFL more)


Shipping cost to France: €5,60

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Some Mouser parts have longer lead times at the moment. Here's a few suggestions:

595-SN74HC595DR ->
595-SN74HC595D (just non-reel packaging)

490-SJ1-3535NG ->
490-SJ1-3535NG-BE (blue)

594-K104K15X7RF53L2 ->

806-KCDX-5S-S2 ->
reichelt https://www.reichelt.de/din-socket-5-pin-semi-circular-printed-version-mabp-5s-p11178.html
Conrad https://www.conrad.de/de/p/cliff-fm6725-din-rundsteckverbinder-buchse-einbau-horizontal-polzahl-5-schwarz-1-419666.html

CR1206-JW-331ELF SMD resistors just use a 220R or 71-CRCW1206330RJNEAC
WP154A4SUREQBFZGW Kingbright LED, tricky to find a frosted one, but basically any generic CC RGB LED will do, or a bicolour 3-pin is fine but normally not available in "nice" green.


Feel free to post your suggestions or if you can't find a part.

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