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Custom Keycap for the SeqV4+[CLOSED]


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I contacted Signature Plastic to know if produce a custom keycap for the SeqV4+ might be interesting, if it's not too  much expensive.
It seems we can get some for a correct price, but I need 10 people interested to reach an order of 320 keys(10 Sets).
This is what I asked for:

  • DSA with ALPS mount (of course)
  • PBT material, ABS because the lens is made with the double shot method which is only ABS.
  • White WFK.
  • Large rounded rectangle LED window.


IMG_5297__43437.1456868178.500.659.JPG?r  and Lens%20Keys-choice.JPG?raw=1
10 people is a minimum.
Price will be something like 35-40$ for a set of 32 keys.
Price will be 40$ for a set of 35 keycap.

Some of you already noticed me that small round window is too much small for their taste and use(in smokey and flashing light club context ;) )
So I asked SP if it's possible to make that instead, and if it changes the price. I keep you in touch.
Their answer: No additional cost for this shape!

Tell me if you're interested, it will be better than trying to paint the transparent keys ;)

People who joined the bulk:



Best regards

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I took some keycap from my 909 to show you.
This is clearly fine without changing any resistance value.
And these keycap are grey not white and I asked for a bigger LED window!

  • First isolation is good.
  • It mixes both colors better.

Even without changing the resistances, there's more brightness on the Seq than on the 909 for the red, I never heard Jeff Mills complain about a lack of brightness on his 909 when he played in a club. lol ;)




Still more brightness in the other way. I will choose that one ;)


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19 minutes ago, secrethero303 said:

Wow that looks really good. I’m hoping we can get enough people to make this happen. I’d even consider buying 2 sets if it makes the difference between moving this forward or not. 

That's kind, except if you really need/want 2 sets, I will order 10 sets anyway and stock them, I'm sure people will desire it when we will show the final result on our seq! ;)
But this will be limited I will make only one bulk of 10 sets. And let the choice to Peter and Andy to add it to their shop if really more people want it.

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7 hours ago, jaytee said:

These are gonna look great. Tempted to buy a set now in anticipation of building an MBSEQ at some point in the indefinite future.

Tell me, it remains some.
They are in production...
I finally ordered 500 pieces, 14 set, 8 are reserved it remains 6.



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