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blm 16x16+x Costs - Calculation

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EDIT: :pout: ui ui.... @admins > wrong forum-section: could someone please move this to the BLM-Section... thanks



i took some time to calculate the total costs from all parts, inclusive build time, from the last BLM16x16+X Variant.

i have done this because someone offered me 300€ for a working - not used- unit (excl Case), and i thougt its a bit too less :itsok:, so a calculated...:

here is what i got, for the whole unit:

16x16+X Cost
what from pieces price Forreign EUR
4x4 softbuttons adafruit 18 $4,46 $80,28 € 71,45
DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE adafruit 1 $29,67 $29,67 € 26,41
PREPAID DUTIES AND TAXES adafruit 1 $24,37 $24,37 € 21,69
electronic components mouser 1 € 253,00 € 253,00 € 253,00
523-T3507-000 8pole Din-connector mouser 1 € 8,72 € 8,72 € 8,72
spacer formular 1 € 49,43 € 49,43 € 49,43
shipping formular 1 € 12,50 € 12,50 € 12,50
Main BLM PCB midibox 1 $75,00 $75,00 € 66,75
shipping midibox 1 $12,00 $12,00 € 10,68
case midibox 1 $270,00 $270,00 € 240,30
built time phatline 15 $20,00 $300,00 € 267,00
Shipping the ready thing 2 you country? 1 € 20,00 € 20,00 € 20,00
Core STM32F407G-DISC1 Mouser(1x) 0 € 17 € 0,00 € 0,00
core pcb smashtv(1x) 0 € 10 € 0,00 € 0,00
core parts smashtv(1x) 0 € 13 € 0,00 € 0,00
midi io pcb smashtv(1x) 0 € 7 € 0,00 € 0,00
midi io parts smashtv(1x) 0 € 7 € 0,00 € 0,00
built time phatline(1x) 0 € 20 € 0,00 € 0,00
Core-8-Variant ca. midibox(1x) 1 $25,00 $25,00 € 22,25
SUMMED         € 1.070,17

Its round 800 if you DIY Soldering and Assamble the whole device

its round 550 if you CNC the case yourself

...You can play arround by download the open-office-document here:  16x16 costs.ods

however i endet up that 300€ its too less... maybe that helps to get some overview what comes to you when you want to built your own the next run...

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Hi Phat,

moved it to the BLM section, no problem!

And you are right, such a big BLM is quite expensive, mostly because there are a lot of parts required.

Andy is currently designing a new and improved version for the v4+ (that will also work nicely with the v4 sequencers), but it will still take a bit of time.

Have a nice weekend!
Many greets,


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Yes this cost is spot on. I have been looking at these for a while trying to figure out how to get the cost down and have not come up with something better yet closest thing is getting two of the Adafruit  Hella and putting a new board in them but it would not be as good of a design as this. but would put the cost of the pads and case at only $400. Adafruit has boards for the pads using the RGB pixels too that look interesting but I remember reading here that scanning a matrix this size in RGB would be too much bandwidth.  The app is really nice too but there is just something about having real buttons. Looking forward to building the new design.

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8 hours ago, Tom71 said:

Is there any news about the status of the new BLM?


Yes, all PCBs are final, filming of the tutorial video is starting and we are waiting for a final case from Adrian for validation! :)


If there are no delays, we hope to be able to have it in shop for the christmas season :)

Many greets,

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@doc007 It's coming in early 2021 - sorry, in these times everything takes longer than before and longer than anticipated - here's a super-short  teaser video for you (you can watch it also without a facebook account):


Best regards and have a happy 2021! :)

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