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  1. SmashTV

    Hi Jay Tim (aka SmashTV) ceased suppling pcbs, kits, etc a while ago. Boards can now be purchased from Modular Addict. Good quality and service. However I don't think they supply kits and parts. Check MA out here: midibox Good luck John
  2. Just tried my V4 sequencer (with STM32 core) on the MacMini running OSX 10.10.2 and it sees that but again I wasn't able to check whether there is any midi data transfer. It's my work computer so no music software installed.   At least TK has Mac computers,  although I have no idea what OSX version he is using. I seem to remember, in the past Ploytec have been able to get Apple to fix the drivers fairly quickly.   But I agree Apple isn't all it claims to be - was once a fan-boy but no more - though I still have my Mac Plus that was upgraded from one of the very first batches of Macintosh 128K's that was imported into the UK back in 1984 - cost over 2000 GBP at the time !!
  3. Hi mOOdawg   I've just checked one of my GM5x5x5's on a MacMini running OSX 10.10.2 and it's not showing up at all, works just fine with OSX 10.9.    Also, checked one of the original 1x1 interfaces and it shows up - but the display in the midi window of the Mac Audio MIDI Setup utility is showing the icon for the 5x5x5. Go figure!   Unfortunately not in a position at the moment to test actual midi data in and out on the MacMini. However, should TK need help with this I can certainly move some equipment around to assist any troubleshooting required.   All the best   John  
  4. [S] TPD (Track Position Display) PCBs for sale

    Please put me down for 2 of the TPD boards, Thank you ilmenator.   Best regards   John
  5. Synthetic sinew type material ?

    Is this what you are after?
  6. MIDIbox SEQ Aluminium Desktop Case

    Hi Bugfight Just encountered the same problem ........ you have to register to access the wiki ....... I used exactly the same username/password as the forums ....... seemed to work! Cheers John
  7. mb-6582 firmware upload problem

    R80 is between the U1-core1 and U1-core2 PIC ic sockets. Good Luck!
  8. has not set their status

  9. I recently saw an article in Nuts and Volts magazine (Feb 2009 edition, I think) showing a PIC based controller for the DB50XG. Had USB interface, but the PIC wasn't one we use here. Sorry to be so vague but I don't actually have mag in front of me. At the time I saw this I did a search on ebay and there were very few DB50XG's for sale. John
  10. K Gys, Nw tht w sgm t b clmng dwn. My  pnt t th fct th Kl s  cntrl vltg srt f bx rthr thn  MD dvc, thrfr t s vry nlkly t b drvng th MBSD. Ths gy hs dls f nlg kt s h s lmst crtnly sng tht. n  thrd ('ll dg t th lnk f nyn wnts t) n th frms whr ths prtclr Kl (nd th vd) r dscssd, th prsnc f th MBSQ nd MBSD r dly ntd nd rcgnzd.
  11. Mine arrived here in Upstate New York today. Awesome job, thank you so much. John
  12. Spare ALBS knobs

    G. PM sent John
  13. SmashTV leds in MB6582

    1K in parallel with 220R is approximately 180R which means more current therefore more brightness!!
  14. +-12V Problem

    Yes, those diodes should be fine.
  15. +-12V Problem

    Markus What are the diodes that you are using for the rectifier?