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  1. Wow, shiny forum! Nice!

    1. flyweight


      Yeah very nice! well done

  2. @tedysuwarnady The board files are not open source, nor is there any plan to do so at present. Please send your shipping address if you're interested in buying a set.


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    2. latigid on

      latigid on

      Hehe, no problem :) glad the server is back to serving!

    3. jojjelito
    4. Smithy


      Yeah, yeah, try being on facebook also! :p

  4. All the best to friends in Munich, stay safe everybody.

    1. Psykhaze


      Seriously, this shit ain't stop..... All my thoughts to victims

  5. Forum gremlins? Running quite slow and it just double posted me.

    1. Hawkeye


      deleted the double post - if the server load persists, will have a look at it tomorrow - thx for reporting!

  6. BLM PCBs are in the post, BOM and cases coming soon.

  7. Shiny forum! Seems like a lot of space though?

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    2. Shuriken


      Unfortunately i have not had any response from TwinX yet.

    3. Hawkeye


      "yeah baby, i packed the luggage for our one-month holidays, just lemme quickly update that one more forum" ;-)

    4. Shuriken


      As Homer Simpson would say: Doh! ;-) Another problem....emoticons not working :-P

  8. +35 °C soldering!

    1. Shuriken


      Hardcore! I'll stick with drinking a beer, for now ;)

    2. Phatline


      sleeping long...fkk bathing...reading...bathing...eating...sleeping long...

    3. Hawkeye


      finally summertime, awesome! :-)
  9. Hmm, seems like the forum's reverted to a backup?

    1. jojjelito


      Yup! It had erased/chosen not to display a bunch of PMs too. Good thing I got those in the mail.

  10. MB-6582 up and running! Now, where did I put those 4-40 screws... Other ideas?

  11. Hmm... 5-0 in one half

    1. Lamouette


      Yep 7:1 roxor style !

    2. J Martins

      J Martins

      0x5 < 5 stars in one half century :)

    3. albpower2seq4sid


      Champions but only 1-0 !!

  12. Hmm,,, 5-0 in one half

  13. Does anyone have the .sch file for AOUT_NG? I'd like to make a stacked Eurorack module with sockets on one board and the AOUT_NG on another. Tx,

  14. Went to the N/O/D/E synth meeting in Lausanne yesterday. New Mutable modules look very cool!

  15. Went to the cool N/O/D/E synth meeting in Lausanne yesterday. New Mutable modules look very cool!

  16. Order from RS arrived. 6 separate packages including a 1m box containing an IC tube with 4 DIP14... CHF20 in parts; lucky shipping was free!

  17. Wilba's website is down, offsite doco = bad.

    1. Shuriken


      It is working here, but for the rest i agree.

    2. latigid on

      latigid on


      "Website suspended

      The website you are trying to reach is currently suspended.

      If you are the owner of mb6582.org, you should log in to your Toolkit or contact your hosting provider."

    3. Hawkeye


      not good - anyone heard something from Wilba lately?

  18. That feel when... the PCBs arrive. Hope everything fits!

  19. Wow, four days door to door for a Quad IIC from Smash! Bravo et merci beaucoup!

  20. Is there anyone in Suisse/Schweiz who can burn 16-series PICs?

  21. Off to see Ander and his mothership on Saturday: http://presenceselectroniques.ch/artist/20 If you are in or around Genève I suggest that you go also!

  22. Hmm, 3 mm LEDs don't fit into SEQ front panel... :(

    1. Lamouette


      Strange ? mine fit perfectly !

    2. latigid on

      latigid on

      This panel is a few years old now, a drill will fix it. Perhaps the newer ones are better? Not ideal for a £100 job though...

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