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  1. How to print large number on LCD?

    Do you use ASM or C?  
  2. Where to set Pins for multiple LCDs?

    Hi Reiner, I never tried it so I don't know, but I think the first one is selected at startup, so first lcd should work normally. In your app you have to use USER_LCD_Select to select another LCD. More information are in the README file Have a good day! Bruno
  3. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Oh I miss that you used a HUB, I understand now sorry. In fact the OTG is switching to host and works fine... A Hub constantly polls its downstream ports until its connected host has enumerated the devices then the Hub stops polling and creates paths between the host and the devices. But if no host(upstream port) replies(not connected) the hub continues to poll the devices periodically, this should perturb the transaction between the Seq(in Host) and the controller, they all use the same lines. No I'm wrong it should work cause it's always the host which polls the devices, the Hub just monitors the voltages on the signal lines (D+ and D-) at each of its ports. The device has a pull up which brings the data lines high and this enables the hub to detect that a device is attached to it and its speed depending on the lines. Once the device is detected, the hub continues to provide power but doesn’t yet transmit USB traffic to the peripheral. Then should not perturb the lines. Really sorry cause I knew that, I already experienced it too but didn't read enough your first post. Lol Still really sorry cause I experienced the same situation but I can't give any good explanation. :/  
  4. midiphy Eurorack Expander Modules

    It was to complete the discussion about an Euro Core module, discussion which was started here. There's no mix, just a parenthesis. This is fully compatible with your Euro Modules and even made for. Have a good Sunday my friend.
  5. midiphy Eurorack Expander Modules

    I did it... And it works. STM32F405RG (1MB flash), dipCoreF4 based. 2 MIDI IN, 2 MIDI OUT USB Device/Host(OTG FS) USB Host(OTG HS in FS mode) SD Card(Micro) SRIO (J8/9) J19 for AOUT J15A for serial LCD, 2 CS lines. J18 CAN J4 I2Cx2 J5 ADCx2 2 Leds User/Reset Button. USB/EURO Power, auto switching with Euro Prior. Power switch acts on both power source. 44mm depth 12HP Voilà! Best regards Bruno  
  6. dipCoreF4 Euro Assembly & cabling

    From the album dipCoreF4

  7. dipCoreF4 Euro Assembly & cabling

    From the album dipCoreF4

  8. dipCoreF4 Euro Assembly & cabling

    From the album dipCoreF4

  9. dipCoreF4 Euro Assembly & cabling

    From the album dipCoreF4

  10. dipCoreF4 Euro Assembly & cabling

    From the album dipCoreF4

  11. SammichSID set clearGate in MIOS?

    The infamous ADSR bug of the SID ! ;)
  12. @Phatline I found this topic, your topic, it can maybe help. It seems the same issue.  
  13. A clearer log:   Seems to be a Linux subtlety... Someone?  
  14. How long are the triggers in a drumtrack

    Not sure for a 9090 but generally a drum sound has no sustain and triggers on NoteOn, Note duration does not matter, but NoteOff must be received between 5 and 10ms after, just to permit the same NoteOn to be received again.  
  15. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Id pin(PA10) is floating externally but pulled up internally(cpu), connected to ground externally for host mode. Core must be restarted on each Dev/Host switching. There's no jumper or other option on PA10 it's directly connected to CPU pin. So check continuity between R3(Dev/Host switch) and the Core, this line should be broken you just have to find where... R3 is not really necessary and can be replaced by a piece of wire.  
  16. SEQ Workflow w/other gear

    You can set your SQ80 in LOCAL OFF, Keyboard will act to MIDI OUT but not to SQ80 Sound engine. And use it as a Master Keyboard. Of course internal sounds can still be played from MIDI In and internal sequencer MASTER PAGE > Set KBD=MIDI(instead of BOTH). Best regards Bruno  
  17. The HAARP Desktop proto.

    @Phatline You're right, It's a toy! Cause I'm like a child when I play with it :) It's very instinctive to create grooving melodies and other bass lines with it. I will do a demo in video ASAP...  
  18. The HAARP Desktop proto.

    From the album The HAARP

  19. Need help for building a MIDI keyboard..

    Salut Thierry, I'm not the best to answer this question, I don't know NG, but after reading its concept page, it seems NG supports up to 2 velocity sensitive keyboards (like known from MIDIbox KB) So i will say NG ;) Best regards Bruno
  20. The HAARP, an Hardware Advanced Arpeggiator.

    Hi, Home-made desktop version finished. It's not perfect, but it's a good idea of the final version. Best regards Bruno
  21. Hello, This is an introduction for my new baby, a really funny toy, the HAARP (yes I like conspiracy theory ;) It's a pure MIDIbox Project, just a dedicated CS and some coding. It works with any STM32F4 Core.   Why? Many synths have an integrated arpeggiator, the SH-101 is well known for that, but the available parameters are still limited. There is also some good plug-in I think especially of the Ableton live's one but it's software. So I designed an hardware one, "LIVE" oriented, starting from the @TK.'s arp example. No encoder(except for MENU section Data entry), all parameters are directly accessible and are potentiometers. The screen is a small color TFT with a resolution of 128x160(sorry for picture, colors are better in real). It's 8 independent voices. 8 banks of 8 Presets. Session are saved/loaded from the SD Card. The Arpeggio parameters are divided in 3 sections: First is the TIMING Section (Purple pots): On/Off button, HOLD Button, it holds or releases the Notes in the notestack. The MODE Pot, it's UP, DOWN, UP-DOWN and AS-PLAYED, fr the moment but I will implement more. The RATE, from slowest to fastest, from 4 Bar to 32nd with dotted and Triplet value. The RESYNC, it retriggers the arpeggio, values are the same as RATE parameter. The OFFSET, it will shift left or right the starting step(note). Is Note Stack and MODE dependent. The DELAY, it will delay the whole arpeggio within the step range(duration), is RATE dependent. The GATE, the length of the Note, max is STEP length, is RATE dependent. The SHUFFLE, it will delay all the odd steps, in the range of an half step, is RATE dependent. Second is the TRANSPOSITION Section (Yellow, Orange, Red): Simple Transposition On/Off (Yellow). Simple OCTave Transposition, +/- 10. Simple SEMItone Transposition, +/-12 Repeat On/Off. Repeat, LOOPS number, 1 to 8. Repeat, SHIFTing on each loop, +/-32 semitones. Force to Scale On/Off Force To Scale, SCALE, list is the same as the Force to Scale example from the repo. Force To Scale, ROOT from C to B semitone. Third is the VELOCITY Section. REGEN Pre/Post(Target process) button. REGEN, +/- 100% Target process On/Off. TIME, the time to reach the target value, in PRE initial value is the regenerated value. in POST initial value is the one stored in the Note Stack. TARGET is the targetted value, 0 to 127. RETRIG, if on the TIME is retriggered by the RESYNC parameter.   The main page of the screen represents an octave range, the note color changes depending on the octave, there's a Velocity section on the bottom, it's like a piano-roll. In the code, the arpeggio processing is ready, it remains me to complete the MENU section, I was waiting for the CS PCB to write it, now I can... ;)   This little guy is to much fun, so I can't keep it for me. Then i will propose it to you ASAP. and I hope it will help me to finance some other bigger projects I've got in my back-pocket ;) I will try to make it available in two format, I'm currently working on a PCB for USB host/device, sdCard MIDI etc.. which will fit for both version and will be reuse for other small toys like that. An Eurorack version for the patching addicts. I used a MCP3204(4 channels) instead of a MCP3208(8 channels) for the AINSER, it's an AINSER32. I use only 2 channels for the 16 pots(8Multiplexed lines * 2 channels), it remains 16 analog Inputs which are accessible to connect some CV In Modules, thanks to @Hawkeye for making me think about this. The SRIO Chain is available too, you can connect GATE In (DIN) easily. You will be able to connect the MIDIPHY CV/GATE Out Modules which will be available soon. @latigid on is working on it. MCAN will be available, for an internal MIDI bus within your Eurorack, I reuse the BUS1 and 2 from the Euro Power connector for that purpose.   A Desktop version, for MIDI purpose only(except if i find a way to add some CV/Gate without designing a too much big box).   Voilà! More information will be available soon. For the moment this is a small video I made, I seem a little febrile but it's because I continue to discover it every day.   I really love this little toy, it is very effective and musical, even in LIVE and if the Force To Scale is activated, there's no wrong note ;) Best regards Bruno  
  22. The HAARP Desktop proto.

    From the album The HAARP

  23. The HAARP Desktop proto.

    From the album The HAARP

  24. Effect pedal, MIDI on a Jack.[SOLVED]

    If it's configured as OFF the signal just stays in idle state, it does not switch as a power rail, it stays a logic signal. I suppose this was made strong, depends on what is inside, logic buffer, transistor, cpu pin directly, depends on the current it can support; What I wanted to do here, is avoid any interface box and get IN and OUT, and it works fine with a Merris. With your solution you just recreate this interface box(regular optocoupled midi input) and power it with a logic line from the pedal and without Output. Here the original and well known diagram of a regular MIDI IN and Thru. Your diagram is just a part of it ;)
  25. Hello, I've got a question! I was about to buy a small interface box for two of my effects. but when I saw the price I thought that there was probably not much in it and that I could have everything I needed to tinker with one. Someone has already opened one of these boxes? I suspect they have just put an optocoupler and distribute the logic level on the Jack outputs? And Empress call their one, midibox Thank you Bruno