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  1. midiphy Eurorack Expander Modules

    I'm working on something like this, I try to do not exceed 50mm depth. I need it for the HAARP, And adapt the SCS to the euro format is also a good idea, @latigid on ? I plan to create another CS based on the work I made for @Phatline with a pot for each parameter and TFT screen, like I did for the HAARP. Best regards, Bruno  
  2. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Hi! You can maybe do it yourself, by changing the order of the elements in seq_scale_table to your need and recompile the app... It's in this file: Best regards Bruno
  3. You're right DAC_OUT of the STM are on PA4 and PA5. MIOS32 does not support STM DAC functions, only ADC via MIOS32_BOARD functions. But you can initialize these 2 pins yourself. Take care if PA4 is used by J5A for ADC, PA5 is used for MIOS32_SPI0_SCLK then you have to stop this SPI port by using MIOS32_DONT_USE_SPI0 in the config file. MIOS32 J16 SPI port will not be usable anymore, means no SD card for example. Best Bruno
  4. 106ps.jpg

    Is this a midibox? What is the point when most of the parameters are already accessible on the synth? This makes sense on a Juno alpha for exemple but a 106 !? >understood! It's for the virtual one The picture is too small but anyway if you did this your-self... Well done! :) BR Bruno
  5. Is this possible?

    Don't be sorry! It's a good news even for me. The OLRE16 is far to be ready. In the order HAARP first, then Bandmaster, the MB2069, then the OLRE16. So ;)  ....
  6. blm 16x16+x Costs - Calculation

    yep I'm also in for sure!
  7. C3 with diff vel. 2 diff. notes

    You're welcome ;) No it will not "struggle" but, this is just a way to handle the DOUT from MIDI Input, not to play something from a midi file. But this last thing is also possible. Anyway this is very cool and fun :) Best regards Bruno  
  8. C3 with diff vel. 2 diff. notes

    I don't know running MIDIO128 but with a basic app (traditional) this is not complicated   ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // This hook is called when a MIDI package has been received ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// void APP_MIDI_NotifyPackage(mios32_midi_port_t port, mios32_midi_package_t midi_package) { // check the note if( ((midi_package.event == NoteOn)||(midi_package.event == NoteOff)) && (midi_package.note == 0x3c)){ //only note C3 // clear velocity if note Off if(midi_package.event == NoteOff)midi_package.velocity = 0; // check velocity switch(midi_package.velocity){ case 0: MIOS32_DOUT_PinSet(0, 0); MIOS32_DOUT_PinSet(1, 0); MIOS32_DOUT_PinSet(2, 0); break; case 1 ... 64: MIOS32_DOUT_PinSet(0, 1); break; case 65 ... 96: MIOS32_DOUT_PinSet(1, 1); break; case 127: MIOS32_DOUT_PinSet(2, 1); break; default: break; } } } Best regards Bruno
  9. Trigger Outs - 4ms

    Same! It seems the DOUT triggers can be enabled in the hardware config file by "DOUT_1MS_TRIGGER" then the variable seq_hwcfg_dout_gate_1ms is set from this text command but I don't find where this variable is used, so I can tell how this is used, even less how to change its length. I think we have to call @TK. for that, he's the only one who can explain how and what is doable. Best Bruno
  10. Trigger Outs - 4ms

    Or a 74HC123, anyway, I don't know how, but I'm sure there's a way to set the drum triggers out of the Seq V4 to 4ms instead of 1ms. Maybe ask here: But first, did you already try your module with the 1ms triggers?  ;) Best regards Bruno
  11. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    In complement for an external power supply and USB power management. With this circuits the external power has priority over USB power. It works fine cause this is the one there is on all arduino uno board, so well improved. And I did the same thing on the dipBoardF4 external power module and use it. Best regards Bruno
  12. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hi, there's no problem with that. 2 cases, device says "I'm here!" or host polls something like "are you here?"... In both cases the device always waits for a stable power to say something. No need of a complicated solution. Best regards Bruno
  13. Adding CS-line to AINSER8

  14. Adding CS-line to AINSER8

    Did you invert the 2 last modules?  
  15. Adding CS-line to AINSER8

    ok. And physically, did you check the cs lines with the oscillo? you should see a periodic pulse.
  16. Adding CS-line to AINSER8

    Hi Chris, Do you test it without the NG with a regular app first? Can you share the code you change in MIOS32, whole AINSER files? Best Bruno
  17. The HAARP, an Hardware Advanced Arpeggiator.

    Hello! A short jam video with the HAARP, the first one with the new ADS-7 from AVP Synth ;)    
  18. MidiBox DAW Controller

    Yes obviously So @totoRaymond you will need single linear track moto-fader ;)  
  19. MidiBox DAW Controller

    really? then how do you get the position from the faders? You use 'dual taper' fader, one for the audio and the other for AIN? Best
  20. MidiBox DAW Controller

    It's the same, I'm not sure but there's no audio signal passing thru his faders, there's surely VCA for that purpose, the part that you don't need. But you will need faders, motor control etc... Best!
  21. MidiBox DAW Controller

    Bienvenue totoRaymond Sacré pseudo! ;) I hope @Zam will not blame me for quoting him here again, but he already has a project that looks like yours, except that his is already well advanced, take a look at it,   Good luck anyway and have fun with your midibox stuff! Best regards Bruno  
  22. Out-of-stock parts for midiphy BOM tool

    Did you check your local electronic shop? Personally I live in a small city, less than 20K people but there's one electronic shop with IDC connectors in stock ;)  
  23. 19" Rack MBFM with extended frontpanel

    Better too if you're happy with it and want to share a few. Cheaper for everybody, and just the price of some cheap components more for you. SO package on bottom side sounds good for your CS.
  24. 19" Rack MBFM with extended frontpanel

    @Thomasch it's clear now... Rows are matriced, Columns are not.   I suppose you talk about Vs instead of Vc, and yes it's a ground, you can connect Vs bus to ground or Swithes pin directly to ground, it doesn't matter. You can maybe put all the ICs(DIN/DOUT) on this PCB, and connect your CS directly to the Core. It will be cheaper, it will take less space and limit the number of interconnections.
  25. 19" Rack MBFM with extended frontpanel

    Seems to be matricing... Could you explain how you connected the leds and switches, which example did you take?(There is a lot here, try BLM as keyword search). I don't understand why some of the switches are connected to 3 busses and Vc which seems to be... a ground? it can't be with a matrix connection. :/ There's maybe a misunderstanding, you don't need to connect both 'normally open' terminals, check the datasheet cause they are often internally connected and used for PCB routing ease, anyway you need only one terminal. Seems to miss some diodes for the switches too, there's no pull-up resistors but they are maybe close to the ICs and on an other diagram.   @latigid on is better than me for BLM stuff it might be more clear for him ;)  but @Thomasch better if you explain a few first... Best