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SEQ4 Heidenreich Case Bulk 2014 / 2015


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I did quite a bit of searching for these but I think they are custom extrusions. They are fairly simple but clever interlocking sides that seem to be adjustable to whatever angle you may need. I emailed Heidenreich about them a while ago but never heard back, and talked with a fabricator friend of mine who said he didn't think they would be common profiles.


On 1/12/2018 at 0:30 PM, Airyck said:

I have everything ready to go except the aluminum extrusion profiles and I'm having a hard time finding any what will work :/ .  Is there any chance anybody could point me to where I can find some or how to have them made? 


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On 15/01/2018 at 4:56 AM, jarvis said:

I emailed Heidenreich about them a while ago but never heard back

Many manufacturers don't answer when it's too low quantity.
But it's them for sure, http://www.heidenreich.de/english/products/group_06/variant_b/dates_dimensions.html
The product is not discontinued. But they sell the whole enclosure(not only the angle, which are proprietary). Seems 10 set minimum.
@Airyck this is from their site ;)

Best regards,

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