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SEQ4 Heidenreich Case Bulk 2014 / 2015


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Yes the sd card can stay inside the heidenreich box.

look at her :http://www.sequencer.de/synthesizer/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=70858&start=75

Tomorrow I contact heidenreich for ordering information:

or direct delivery to each: + shipping costs

or batch ( If someone wants organize the batch, or I'll do it in the same conditions as that organized by Kristal )


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Hello Guys,

The batch is OK. I suggest you soon terms of payment by pay pal inspiring me batch requirements organized by Kristal.
Transport costs from France for Europe are reasonable (the cheapest is UPS  between 14 and 17 € depending on the destination)
But for the US, the note rises quickly to 53 (colissimo is the cheapest)   ------> For
BlatBoy   ?    
Is there a solution to minimize the shipping costs to the US?

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Doc007 - I don't know if this minimizes things... but what about UPS?  I have an account with UPS... maybe that makes things easier?  Another option would just be regular post with tracking.  Honestly I'm no expert, and if any of my suggestions here are more trouble for you than they are worth, I'll just suck it up and pay the DHL.  

[EDIT]  OK.  Maybe I should try reading your post better.  It's still morning here in the USA.  I don't want to cause you more trouble than it's worth... and I appreciate you doing the group buy.  There's nowhere (that I know of) to get a case like that in the US.  So, if regular post isn't a lot cheaper/won't work for any reason, just send UPS, and I'll take care of it.   

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Hi Quadram and Reboot

You can still join the batch on the same terms as that organized by Kristal ( 3 boxes )

 1x black case á 89€ (with a blank back panel)

4-5 weeks manufacturing time

one-off handling fee 15€ (gas, package, time)

Colissimo for France

payement by SEPA / IBAN system ( no fees )

confirm me by MP






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Today I had the final price of 8 boxes Heidenreich with a surprise.

In Fact the price of 89€ was excluding VAT so that the price including all taxes by boxing amounts in reality to 89 € + 19% VAT = 105.91 + shipping to my home = 112€.28.

With my one-off handling fee of  15€ (gas, package, time) the price is 127.28 per box + shipping costs + PayPal fees if you pay with Pay Pal.

I send to each purchaser  in PM a copy of the bill of Heidenreich and I await your answers .


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