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ALBS Waldorf knobs bulk order 2015 / 2016


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Guys, it's kind of kristal='s "privilege" (or obligation) to run the bulk order. Many years back we found out the hard way that it can be very bad if a manufacturer / industry supplier is flooded with small orders from unknown hobbyists - they often shut the door to private / hobbyist's orders after such a wave. kristal= has since then established a relationship with ALBS, so let's count on him doing a bulk order again.

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Hey guys, I'm not really in the mood for a bulk.

So my advice: autonomously organize a bulk (wikipage/thread). Take the prices and schedules of the previous bulk as an approximate value (it's work, nothing you really want to do for free. Big bulks with no financial incentive are prone to go into the wrong direction, grease the gears, act professional). Once you have a substantial amount of units (~300-500 u) give them a call/mail. The minimum order is 50EUR excl. shipping (a thing you can do once). My connection to ALBS is pretty loose, I did all orders via mail (they understand English). My experience was that they are very reliable, once you make clear you have a substantial order and pay on time.

ilmenator is right, don't bother them with petty orders, organize a bulk and give them a call. They are happy to fulfill your order. I basically give up the "privilege" (or obligation :angelnot:) to run bulks for knobs.

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Not trying to step on anyone's toes, and specifically trying to *avoid* pestering ALBS with small orders, hence the effort to get the next GB going.


@kristal=, can you tell me what the minimum order amount would be for an ALBS group buy? I checked their website, but couldn't find specific information on this; I'm gathering that they don't do a lot of business in English.

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On 10/24/2016 at 9:47 AM, latigid on said:

I might do a bulk order in the future, I'm in Germany and I'd consider a run of 1000 or so. But probably not until next year at the earliest. 

If it's more convenient for someone to organise one now, then please go for it.

@latigid on Any movement on this? I'm still not in any rush, but I'm wrapping up my MB-6582 in the next month or two, so I'm just trying to figure out what my options are. Basically, if you're still thinking you might run a large GB here soon, I'll wait for that, but if it's totally up in the air or not happening for six months, I'll probably try to get my own GB going here very soon.

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Thonk carries some decent choices...






My only real problem with these is that they're all kinda small. Nothing that makes me want to reach out and twist, like the ALBS knobs. Can't seem to find any knobs as deep as the ALBS either.

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