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  1. New Sequencer - PCB Mount

    that is damm impressive
  2. looking good, wilba[me=bugfight]likey[/me]
  3. Terrible shows by anyone

    st sanders is a genius. by far the best one is the malmstein, i won't link it because mal-stein is a litigious sob, (sanders', youtube account was frozen almost immediately after posting it) at least this serves to make it even funnier but it can be found, trust me it's worth it
  4. The definiton of music

    and now you claim to know my subconscious mind... you made a claim of originality, which i refuted. you made a claim of nameity, which i refuted. then you resorted to an ad hominem argument. it is quite disappointing...
  5. SwinSID - a pin compatible alternative to the SID chip

    this is all that is really important. there's nothing wrong with vias in general (unless you are etching your own pcbs) but i do avoid placing them near pins under an smd, since a solder bridge there will not be visible. you can use the vRestrict layer to prevent the autorouter from doing this
  6. The definiton of music

    aha! that's why i felt smarter yesterday! it's true: more posts makes you smarter. now i just have be careful to avoid the effects of the curse... *whack*
  7. The definiton of music

    while it is noble to take responsibility for you own education (something i also do), there is nothing noble in denegrating all universities and all people who attend them without even attending one
  8. The definiton of music

    does a degree in music count? from wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music):   "Music is an art form in which the medium is sound organized in time." this is in line with most music theory texts i've read. btw, Messiaen annotated bird song in his music, i don't like it much, but it's music (hey i feel much smarter today)
  9. The definiton of music

    the original is greek, and applied to all the arts...
  10. Soundblaster and Ubuntu no sound...

    a s1_6666.PNG
  11. The official eBay thread!

    d00dz, how about this for make  the ableton live controller? seemz goodz 2 me... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170167364317
  12. Log fader 10K >> lin Fader 10K

    hmmmm, not recommended. you can exponentiate electronically, but these circuits are finicky and the pots are probably not true log curves, so you would wind up with nonlinear response anyway. you can use a look up table but you lose resolution (and more at one end than the other) and you would need to fine tune the table for each pot to come close to linear... otoh, those would be great for an analog audio device
  13. as wilba already pointed out, for one stereo pair, it is 1:1 (except for that pesky pin labeled "SO" on SID1 R) here's an easy way to make this cable:   - make a ribbon cable with a connector on each end and one in the middle     (make sure they are all oriented correctly with pin 1 on the same wire)   - connect each end to a sid module with pin 1 at SO   - connect the middle connector to the core   - cut just the SO wire on the SID R side of the core connector, and pull some of that     wire away from the ribbon (enough to reach J14)     i find it unlikely that you will get noise from the power supply connections on J10 with just a stereo pair. if you do, you can always cut those two lines later and connect them directly to the psu as in the pdf
  14. Sound Engineering Comedy Gold!

    i have to say, despite the comedy gold of the "yo dawg, d00d" etc, there's not too much i disagree with. he has some good advice for a budget home studio. the behringer can go away, and so can the carpet all over the place... i can forgive him for not getting into real acoustic treatment in a budget studio, but then maybe neumann and genelec don't belong either...
  15. Terminator Needed?

    hehe, "i'll be *whack*"
  16. What exactly is the MidiBox CV?

    cv == control voltage. with the midibox aout module you get 8 cv outs, which can be used to control anything that takes a cv input, for example a modular synth, or an analog keyboard or expander or or... the midibox cv is an application that implements midi control of the aout (as well as some other goodies). so it's not a filter, but you can control filters with it...
  17. Custom MEC Love

    oh cool, they are back in stock. i have a bunch of those, they are indeed the clicky kind. haven't used them yet, awaiting nicey caps for them...
  18. uh oh, no they are two different signals. SO on core J9 connects to SO on DIN J1 if you have indeed connected it this way, this is the source of the trouble. it could just be due to a misreading of the labels on the DINx4 though. J1 on smash's din has no label for SI (SO is just a pass through to SO on J2 so you can connect a dout on the same chain) these headers have the exact same pinout as j8/j9 on the core, so all you have to do is make sure pin 1 on each side matches...
  19. i notice you are listing SI here, which should always be 5v during the srio test.  you want to test SO (SO == serial out, SI == serial in) d0 on the lcd is a completely different signal. i think this must be a typo, since we tested the pins directly on the pic while in the chat, but lets be sure...
  20. Pics of work in progress...

    no doubt, all 8 going will rock. i'll remember to bring the right cables this time...
  21. Who wants +/-15 and +5 triple secondary toroids?

    the xformer outputs 5vac, you still need to rectify and regulate it... i'm not sure the opl can take +-15v, but current draw is low enough you should be ok with feeding 12v regs from this xformer... btw, doug, i have had issues w/ using a 7vdc wallwart on the midibox core, which is what you should get from 5vac * 1.414 if it is rated at a higher current than you pull, it could be ok, but it is cutting it a bit fine for the usual 7805...
  22. Pics of work in progress...

    this seems a good place for this. here's a pic of lars threatening his midibox seq with a cigarette at a dfw sdiy meetup. he was controlling my mb-6582, which i managed to not get a shot of... trademark blurry camera phone shot too, there are some better shots taken by pristak (who organized the meetup) here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29424740@N04/ the seq rocks and the combo is killer sdiy-dfw_lars.JPG
  23. Pin allocation

    this should work fine. just disable ain. but it would be cool to combine motorfaders with a mixer... there's a nice pin ref in the wiki...
  24. Twinnie for president

    and now bugfight.com is famous and popular! i mean i was always famous, just not many people knew... thanks, twin-x
  25. Happy Birthday MIDIbox

    wow, 10 years. coolness. big thanks, tk.  look what your "housings can you tinker itself" has become... it's customary to celebrate such major holidays on solstice or equinox. therefore, i suggest june 22 as midiboxday. there will be "it's working dances" and solderingironkisses and *whack*ing etc what will smashklaus bring me next year? btw, wasn't the midibox originally on a page on your personal webpage or likesuchas?